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3 Expert Tips to Keep Your Kids Healthy

3 expert tips to keep your kids healthy at home #kidshealth #childsafety #parenting

When it comes to looking after our kids’ health, we tend to concentrate on physical activity and nutrition. We often forget to closely examine how the environment can affect their bodies. These days, there are several more pollutants in the air inside our homes than the air outside, and children might feel the adverse effects of toxins immediately. Bugs and insects are also major contributors to an unhealthy home environment. Moreover, chemicals found in laundry detergents, deodorizers, construction materials, and…

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Seven tips to keep your baby safer at home

Seven tips to keep your baby safer at home

Ah babies. How they rule our lives—regardless of whether they’re our own or our neighbor’s! We simply cannot resist them; they’re like magnets. Decades ago, I remember, when my Mom and I moved to another city on a job…

Toggr Keeping Children Safe Everywhere

Toggr Review #KeepChildrenSafe

One of the prime concerns of every parent, especially working parents, is their child’s safety. Considering how hectic life is for children these days, parents are always anxious about their whereabouts. Children, after school, attend a series of tuition…

Are you monitoring your child’s text messages Vidya Sury

Are you monitoring your child’s text messages?

Have you ever been fascinated at the way a child’s thumbs fly over the phone’s little keyboard, and wondered how she does it so deftly and quickly? Children love to text. It makes them feel connected with their friends…

Pokemon Go safety tips for kids Vidya Sury 1

How to teach your kids to play Pokemon Go safely

Pokémon Go. The present craze with both kids and adults alike. Why, I even know people who are busy trading their brand new phones because it doesn’t support the app! I am sure you know a few Pokémon Go fans and…

school bus safety Vidya Sury

Better Safe Than Sorry

Ask any parent what their primary concern is, when it comes to their school-going children and the answer will almost always unanimously be “Safety” Go on. Try it. Health comes a close second. Safety is a critical concern because…