One of the things I love about the internet is online shopping. Good old Retail Therapy.  While I definitely enjoy walking into a store and checking out stuff, I find it very gratifying that there are brands that offer a fantastic online shopping experience. Nothing beats putting up one’s feet, powering up the PC and shopping online – without the hassle of the commute. One of them is Myntra.com – a website with headquarters in Bangalore, and founded in 2007 by a group of IIT and IIM graduates. They have a very buyable range of products. And because I enjoy giving birthday gifts, this is my gift to Myntra – they just turned 6 on Feb 16. They have been literally showering me with coupons and deals since the last three months and I thought – the least I could do is blow their trumpet. Happy birthday, Myntra.com! “Myntra.com is…

Last week I went a little crazy trying to find a book for Vidur, for his birthday and after some tiring legwork, decided to save me some time, commute and effort by browsing online. And yes, I found the book. Full credit this time to a fabulous coupon site – CupoNation I am so excited about the concept. Do you shop online? I do. And I love it. I am surprised that even today, there are lots of people who are wary of transacting online.  Years ago, I was always finding ways to be frugal as we had housing loan payments, a growing baby and heavy healthcare expenses to tackle on one income.  I used to cut out special offers and coupons from the newspaper if they related with something our family needed. My first online shopping experienceAs I basked in the happiness of finding the precise book Vidur wanted,…

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