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Mindful Living Wednesday Wisdom

Instant Detox #WednesdayWisdom #AtoZChallenge

Your midweek instant detox

It’s midweek and I am going to keep this post really short–in fact I have a 5-minute instant detox for you that will make you feel wonderful in eight super-short steps. If you are stressed over too much to do–it is time to take a deep breath. This instant detox exercise is something you can do anywhere. You just need to visualize. So if your day has been rough, this is exactly what you need. Let’s think of it as…

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Turn down that noise Vidya Sury
Mindful Living

Turn down the volume, unplug, listen

So much noise Inside our head Our thoughts Our to-do list Work commitments Social media Twit, twit, Twitter Facebook Disturbing news A million things Fighting for space Space so scarce Turn down that volume. Unplug. Tune out the noise…

No Wires Attached But Connected Vidya Sury
Mindful Living

No Wires Attached, But Connected

It is a beautiful morning and I set out for the gym down the road, looking forward to a vigorous workout. My first stop is the treadmill. I press the “quick start”, set the speed and get ready to…

spring cleaning my life
Mindful Living

I am spring cleaning my life!

Spring may not be here, but I am going ahead anyway – and spring cleaning – my life. Life is so hectic these days that all that is left is the stress from rushing around. It is practically impossible…