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15 Easy Self-Care Tips That Will Actually Energize You

15 easy self-care tips that will actually energize you

A few days ago, I wrote about five basic things you need to start your own business. Yes, it is a bold move, it is challenging, often overwhelming and while hugely rewarding, also a big drain on your energy. I decided I must write a list of self-care tips to keep you energized. I recall the days when I completely lost track of time, trying to do it all and reaching a point of burnout. Even then, I didn’t slow…

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In touch with my soul. Vidya Sury May Gratitude Circle blog hop

In Touch With My Soul #GratitudeCircle

“If there are no downs, how will you appreciate the ups?” I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve said this to my son over the years, and a couple of weeks back, when we were walking on…

Taking time to do nothing Vidya Sury
Mindful Living

Taking Time To Stand and Stare

“What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare.” I learned that poem by W.H.Davies in school and loved it. For some reason it has stayed with me, sitting in my mind,…

An impromptu date with nature. Vidya Sury
Mindful Living

An Impromptu Date With Nature

I know – you are wondering why I said nature and planted the picture of that pretty dancer striking a pose on top, right? You’ll see what I mean as you read on! I am all about trying to…