I know – you are wondering why I said nature and planted the picture of that pretty dancer striking a pose on top, right? You’ll see what I mean as you read on!

I am all about trying to slow down, upping my time offline and generally trying to breathe while going online only when I absolutely have to.

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished!

On that trail, which, at one point used to be the Holy Grail, I woke up yesterday morning and made my coffee as usual. Indeed all good things start with coffee!

The phone rang and after a few minutes on the call, my son informed me he was going out to meet friends. So we breakfasted together. I decided to accompany him half the way, because this particular road is one I love and used to ride it at least four times a day.

Filled with nostalgia, and anticipation to see what had changed, I bid him ta-ta.

While he strolled off, I tried to make up my mind over which path to take. As I looked around, I saw the grounds of the IISc Gymkhana and impulsively, got in the gate and decided to trip down memory lane.

The morning was beautiful with just a trace of a drizzle, making everything sparkle. It was just enough to leave dew drops on the grass without running off into tiny rivulets. Mynahs cruised around, getting their own breakfast from the fragrant moist earth, fresh.

My impromptu date with nature Vidya Sury

A huge anthill stood watch, growing when it wanted to. What is it about me and anthills, eh? I find them fascinating and this one was no exception. The red mud nearby practically glowed.

My impromptu date with nature Vidya Sury

Far away, I saw boys playing – some were engrossed in cricket while others seemed to prefer football.

My impromptu date with nature Vidya Sury

I took a leisurely walk back towards the gate, traversing the ground. My mind wandered to years ago when my son’s school celebrated its annual day here. Children’s laughter and voices, colorful costumes, music and dance. Warm memories. Birdsong filled my ears. So pleasant!

I got out of the gate, waved to the security staff. As I walked along the wall, I admired the art. Look! Some of them are great. Kudos to our municipal corporation for this drive. Sadly some are washed away or damaged, but look charming nevertheless.

So many themes. There were more than 60 of these and I picked a few to show you. Tough!

Wildlife. Chimps cuddling. Cute!My impromptu date with nature Vidya Sury

The King of the Jungle. How majestic.

My impromptu date with nature Vidya Sury

Historic monuments – I am guessing this is Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace

Vidya Sury Date with nature (4)

Pleasure – see the boatman ducking to avoid the falling tree trunk? Hahaha!

My impromptu date with nature Vidya Sury

Snake charmer, after all we are the land of the snake charmers!

My impromptu date with nature Vidya Sury

Art and culture – what a sweet and coy dancer!

My impromptu date with nature Vidya Sury

Our farmer, working hard to feed the nation.

My impromptu date with nature Vidya Sury

And of course there is a public service message! Do not smoke! You don’t have to read the language to know what that’s about!

My impromptu date with nature Vidya Sury

Our city has a lot of beautiful walls like this – I did another Sundays in my City post years ago, featuring another road in my area.

And of course you want to know where I walked so… the Gymkhana grounds are beautiful!

My impromptu date with nature Vidya Sury

I came to the end of the wall, and entered the police station compound to walk across to the road leading home. I love this tree here and have photographed it countless times! The buttercups are very cheerful.

My impromptu date with nature Vidya Sury

They used to have a gorgeous water lily pond, but now the tank is just filled with water. No lilies!

I was wondering whether to take the bus back from that point when the sun peeked out. I thought, hey, now is a good time to get my dose of vitamin D as any – and continued on, on foot, briskly.

It is funny how familiar I am with this road, every bump, every pothole, the quirky residents on the street and the street dwellers. And it is hilarious how hardly anything has changed. Except one tree that had fallen during a heavy rain and been cleared. My heart smiled as the familiar faces waved and smiled back at me.

I felt connected with the world.

Life goes on, regardless of what one is up to. And it is always nice to stop and smell the flowers.

Nature is a soothing healer.

When was the last time you took time off, unplugged and went for a walk?

Happy to resume Sundays In My City with UnknownMami, a weekly blog hop and a great way to travel the world from my keyboard. Come on over and see what the others are up to!

Have a great week ahead!


  1. How true and real ….it is always nice to stop and smell the flowers…
    We remain busy and stressful all our lives that we tend to overlook the beautiful things we pass by.

  2. I felt as if I was walking alongside you, Vidya! Felt rejuvenated! And, those artists have taken pains to make those paintings on the walls! Remarkable!
    It has been ages since I went on such a walk. Would love to do it sometime. It really freshens up the mind, doesn’t it?

  3. This was fun. And it reminds me I haven’t gone for a walk with the kids for a long time. It’s way more fun than my brisk rounds of the apartment complex with the music plugged in. I won’t deny that’s fun too but when the kids are along we’re in no hurry to go anywhere or to achieve anything. That lazy stroll is great fun. I loved the pictures. The grounds look washed clean. A great way to spend a Sunday.

    • It was, Tulika, and I loved that I had not planned it at all. My son is always amused at the number of pictures I take. Hugs! Next time you go on that walk with your kids, take pictures and share them, please!
      Vidya Sury recently posted…No Wires Attached, But Connected

  4. Lata Sunil Reply

    Those paintings I have seen. Though it is difficult to maintain, I wish, the civic authorities do maintain them. It livens up the drab surroundings many times. I go for walks quite regularly and the place I go to has no network coverage. I also never put earplugs. Its just nature and me during the walks.

  5. This has inspired me to go NOW for a walk Vidya thank you! Although I think I’ll pick up trash along the way. Nothing like the feeling of being in nature and her beauty.
    Susan Scott recently posted…Never Again

  6. Thanks for taking us along on your walk. You know how much I love communing with nature and taking in its beauty. Love your photos and yes…I’ll always take time to stop and smell the flowers 🙂 Cheers!

  7. Lovely! I sat in my garden yesterday evening and watched as a toad emerged from the undergrowth. The past few months he’s been coloured dark brown or even blue. Now with our heatwave (28 yesterday, but that’s not 16, which it was last weekend) he was a lovely green-gold colour. I feel so good when the inhabitants of my garden feel safe enough to stay and observe me!
    Jemima Pett recently posted…Postcard from Camp – 16th July

    • Oh! I could visualize that, Jemima. I keep chanting Ribbit Ribbit when I see toads, and keep thinking of the one that turned into a Prince. 🙂 Heheh. Hugs! Wonderful to have you over.

  8. A beautiful Sunday spent and such views brings back flash of memories. It reminds of Mahalaxhmi Race Course outside the station in Mumbai and often wondered how awesome it is there. Love the clicks. It’s beautiful, Vidya.

  9. This was really beautiful. I loved that anthill too. And those paintings are so lovely. We see them on the sides of some underpasses too in Bangalore. Oh I love to walk outdoors. Most of my brisk walking is outdoors. And I hardly ever take headphones. I soak in the sights and sounds of children playing, other walkers, the trees, the greenery. It is more than a walk. Enjoyed the post, Vidya.
    Rachna recently posted…Hearing Loss – How Cochlear Implants can be Life Changing

  10. Sekhar Koka Reply

    Hello Vidya,

    So true we wonder all over but fail to understand our surroundings.
    Having said that your journey was well written. Sekhar Koka

  11. Stella Chiu Reply

    Hi, Vidya

    I got to know you through Triberr.com. How lucky I am that I can read this beautiful piece on my first visit. Thanks for bringing me along with your journey on this particular day. That calming effect is fantastic. I love the photo that you presented along with the story.

    We are living in the busy world – rush, rush,…. rush here, rush there. We do not take time to stop to really look at beautiful things in our neighborhood.

    Slow down to smell the roses – is urgently needed in each of us.

    Thanks for the post.

    Stella Chiu
    Stella Chiu recently posted…Is there perfect cancer diet for cancer patients?

  12. Vidya, I love it when you link up for SIMC. Your way of thinking and seeing the world is soothing and contagious.

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