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You can do this!

You can do this, because you can do everything!

There was once a little girl named Rosalie. She was seven years old. She was a really nice girl—kind, polite and sweet. When she was around seven years old, she started learning to play the violin. The first time she played her violin, she sounded . . . umm . . . not great. But Rosalie heard something else along with the out-of-tune notes. She had an inner voice telling her “you can do this!” And she knew she could…

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dream vidya sury


If you can dream it you can do it Walt Disney Dear Vidur I actually wanted to pick the word “Do” but after Attempt, I thought “Dream” would be a better idea. You know, when I was around your…

Be Vidya Sury atozchallenge


Dear Vidur, Can you believe I got so stuck with too many words for B that it suddenly occurred to me that “be” would be just fine! “Be” lends itself as a prefix to so many qualities and possibilities,…

finding the light within vidya sury

Finding the Light Within

Some days can be so frustrating. Everything that can go wrong, will. Murphy’s Law – remember? The power fails The batteries can’t charge The phone doesn’t work The taps leak The day won’t go as planned Life comes to…