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Mindful Living #AtoZChallenge Reflections

Reflections A to Z Challenge 2019

Reflections A to Z Challenge

As per tradition, here are my Reflections on the A to Z Challenge 2019–its tenth-anniversary edition, no less, and my seventh! I started off the A to Z Challenge this year with a bang on four blogs. Amazing, right? But that fizzled down to two because I just couldn’t keep up, thanks to work overload and deadlines that had to take priority over blogging. Which is a good thing because I don’t believe in stressful blogging. And so I took…

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The upside of downtime Gratitude Circle

The Upside of Downtime #GratitudeCircle

I really meant to get his post up on time, but zero network, stress over something that needed my offline presence and a multitude of other tiny things kept me from sticking to the date. Nevertheless, I am going…