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XXI years, 21 important milestones

XXI years 21 milestones

XXI years, 21 milestones. Oh! Just a trip down memory lane looking at 21 milestones in the past 21 years. Clever, right? The XXI? I had all kinds of ideas for the X post. Because you see, I am usually never at a loss for words. Sure, I had my list of X words—I believe that if one looks, one shall find. Then, as I looked at the calendar for something, I had this bright idea. This week marks 21…

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The New Normal Gratitude Circle March
Gratitude Mindful Living

The New Normal #GratitudeCircle

What a month it has been! We are living the new normal. Each one of us. We’re dealing with a worldwide pandemic that has affected every country, every state and town. We are tackling it with social distancing to…