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The New Normal #GratitudeCircle

by Vidya Sury March 26, 2020 16 comments
The New Normal Gratitude Circle March

What a month it has been! We are living the new normal. Each one of us. We’re dealing with a worldwide pandemic that has affected every country, every state and town. We are tackling it with social distancing to contain it. Strict measures have been put in place with curfews, quarantines and bans.

Our country, India is under a 21-day lock down where everyone has been instructed to stay indoors. Only essential services are allowed to operate. Flights have been cancelled. Schools, colleges, offices are all closed.

We’re dealing with the new normal as best as we can.

There has never been a better time to express our gratitude than right now, especially when the pandemic is getting worse.


I am grateful that staying safe is as simple as flattening the curve by simply staying put at home. Since I work from home anyway, my new normal is pretty much the same as the old, except that I have the whole family at home. It feels wonderful. I am grateful we enjoy three meals together every day and I am cherishing these moments.

Please get your latest pandemic information from the WHO website

Extra-special Joy

Which brings me to my son’s visit. What was to be a one-week break has now extended to over a month. I couldn’t be happier. I am glad he’s at home busy with his coursework and eating healthy. He is in the final semester of his five-year integrated degree and will finish by May this year.

We struggled with rescheduling his ticket and were just breathing a sigh of relief when the lock down was announced. We went through another round of near-madness trying to cancel his ticket because we don’t know when exactly classes will resume. Although there are deductions in spite of the promise of a full refund, we’re grateful to the airline for at least holding part of the ticket fare for use in a future booking.

I am treasuring the extra time we have with him, because by August, he will be off to pursue his PhD.


Just because we’re going through the new normal does not mean the regular annoying things don’t happen. My fridge conked off, yet again, for the fifth time in two months. I am grateful for the mechanic who turned up to fiddle with it. After two hours, he packed up to leave, saying he’d come back the next morning with the necessary testing equipment. I went a little berserk thinking of the loaded fridge. What to do? All that stuff would get spoiled with the fridge off.

Helpful neighbors

I decided to request the neighbor to help me by storing some of the freezer stuff. So grateful she had space and was willing to give me the space. We then had a very pleasant chat in her beautiful living room and I felt so much better.

I did end up giving away many things from the fridge as I had no idea when it would be fixed. Felt like the old days. I mean, we got our first fridge when I was 22 years old, so it isn’t as if I grew up with one, although I do depend on one now.

I simply took a deep breath and hoped for the best. Which turned out to be a solid expense as the reason for the fridge stopping working was the electrical connection and our UPS. Well we had to replace the UPS – a big unexpected expense.

Of course, I keep feeling the sides of the fridge to check if it is working. It has taught me not to keep too many things in it, but, you know, that’s hard right now. Hoping for the best.

Down time

On the work front, I haven’t had much to do on the writing aspect. So rather than fret over my loss of income, I am focusing on my blogs right now. The April A to Z Challenge, anniversary edition, is just around the corner and I actually did a wee bit of planning. This will be year 8 for me. Here’s my theme reveal post. I will post every day in April. Do come by!

In the meantime, I am enjoying reading, bingeing on shows, playing board games, card games and antakshari with my folks, and even napping in the afternoon occasionally.

I wrote a post about 30 fun indoor games your kids will absolutely love.

The New Normal Gratitude Circle


I am extra-grateful for a comfortable home. Because of the lock down, even though grocery stores are supposed to be open as essential services, such is not the case. Almost everything is shut in our area.

One store was open the day before yesterday and we managed to get some stuff. They were allowing only five people at a time into the supermarket and entry was permitted to only those who were wearing masks. I hear the store has not opened since yesterday. So grateful we were able to shop. None of the online grocery stores are delivering, and if they are, our pin code is not being served. Not sure what we will do when we run out of things. It’s the new normal.

Counting my blessings

We are more grateful than ever for whatever we have at this time and are adjusting to the new normal. We share household chores anyway so nothing different about that.

The new normal is tough in many ways but I am grateful for:

  • A comfortable home
  • Family at home
  • Food to eat for now
  • Running water
  • Electricity
  • Internet connection
  • Overall health
  • Medicines for two weeks

Trying my best to stay healthy to avoid the need for doctors’ visits.

Time with family

We are grateful to have our terrace to walk on. We spend that time together, chatting and laughing and sometimes whining, of course. It feels good to enjoy the fresh air without breaking any rules.

I am grateful that the apartment condo we live in is conscious about the need to maintain social distancing and glad we have a WhatsApp group to banter with each other.

Thursday Tree Love

For this edition of Thursday Tree Love with Parul, I have this gorgeous trumpet flower tree from my son’s campus. It is all over the place, brightening the area with its pretty yellow flowers.

The New Normal Thursday Tree Love

Let me recall a happy memory about the trumpet flower tree. In March 1992, I moved to Bangalore on a job transfer. On my first day at work, I was scoping out the area. Our office was close to Cubbon Park. I decided to ride through it on my scooter.

I was cruising, really, fascinated by the greenery, when suddenly I came across this tree and I literally stopped, spellbound. I couldn’t help staring at the beauty before me. This tree, covered in yellow flowers, the ground around it carpeted with the yellow flowers – I mean, words cannot describe the joy I felt at that moment! No camera those days. Well I did have a point and shoot Kodak but obviously did not carry it around. I couldn’t wait to tell my Mom about the tree, I remember.

The memory of beholding that tree for the first time is one of my happiest memories. Of course, I saw many after that. I felt a little sad when we moved back to Hyderabad in 1994. But we were back in 1999 and now that I live here, I am thrilled about all the flowering trees in our own locality.

I went down that same road in Cubbon Park recently but the tree wasn’t there. Sigh. The new normal!

How are you coping with the new normal?

How are you spending your time? How is the lock down affecting you?

Gratitude Circle Vidya Sury


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Gwen Serrotti March 27, 2020 at 8:14 pm

Thank you for sharing a glimpse into your life from the other side of the world. I love reading stories on how people are coping through these challenging times. My work life has not changed much as I also work from home, and we have been hosting our networking events online since the beginning of the year, so for me, I am just carrying on as normal. My husband forms part of an essential service so he has to work as he provides a vital service to laboratories (I would prefer for him to be home though as I worry about him out there!). My daughter was lucky enough to also be able to work from home. So it is great to have the family safe at home with me.

Mahati ramya adivishnu April 1, 2020 at 5:54 am

Iam coping well with new normal. I got more time now to read books, paint and play with my kids than before. My weekends are suddenly free. Earlier my Weekends were the most busiest days with dance classes. I feel grateful but I hope things get normal around the world and we flatten the curve sooner. Those yellow flowers are really bright and beautiful.

Kshirabdhi Sahu March 28, 2020 at 5:13 am

It’s always a joy to read your posts. You create an awareness of gratitude to regular things in life that we otherwise take for granted. I particularly love the cartoon pictures you use in your posts. Where do you get those pictures?

G Angela March 28, 2020 at 8:09 pm

I am glad to be home vidya, its after a very long time in my life , I am full time at home with my daughter and my husband. Grateful for many things – despite the lock down, we still get the milk man delivering milk at our door, the newspaper at our door step, there’s no dearth for water supply, half of our flat is empty as the families have moved to their villages, so there is enough and more water, unlimited supply of electricity and of course food on our tables and between three of us we are managing quite well. I am happy to have written a couple of posts. It’s a pleasure to read your post as you are always inspiring and motivating, glad to hear about your son. I admire your attitude towards life in general as how you like to look at the positive side of everything that happens. Thanks for sharing.

Richa MIna March 28, 2020 at 8:48 pm

the lockdown period is an inevitable and unforeseen circumstance that we all are facing today but to tell you truth throughout my life I’ve never even enjoyed the relaxing time as I am doing nowadays. For the first time, I know my neighbors, our over the wall chats are something I look forward too. I’ve arranged whole of my kitchen now my wardrobe is my next task for this coming week. This is my new normal in the lockdown.
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Rajlakshmi March 29, 2020 at 3:03 pm

I am so grateful that my in laws are here and helping with managing my almost toddler while I work from home. Living one day at a time now. Glad you have your whole family together. It must be awesome to spend some quality time with your son. And you definitely need a new fridge 😊
Stay safe.

Kala Ravi March 31, 2020 at 6:51 pm

Coping, is the new normal for me. Kind of losing track of time, days since every day seems pretty much like the previous! Still, lots to be glad for. Spending quality time with family, trying new dishes, playing new online games. My elder one being stuck in US, I am worried all the time. She is safe, still not having her here with us feels sad. Glad you are able to spend time with your son. Stay safe and hope the fridge woes get sorted soon,

Damyanti March 31, 2020 at 8:09 pm

Every communication either starts or ends with – stay in and stay safe! That’s our reality…

Shalzmojo April 2, 2020 at 5:13 pm

Lovely post Vidya and am happy to note all the positive things in it. Small blessings of this lock down have been a change in plans; like your son’s extended vacation or this friend of mine who was desperately hunting for a house to move into but now is staying put.

I am grateful to see Mother Nature recharging herself with cleaner air and skies. My other joy is that being single has taught me to be on my own so much that this isolation is not feeling like a punishment at all. I am seeing a lot of posts of peeps talking about going crazy staying home. For me its business as usual, only missing my walks.

Wishing you a safe and happy lock down; ciao until next month! Hugs 🙂
Shalzmojo recently posted…#Gratitude March 2020: But still. Like air, I will rise.

Soumya April 3, 2020 at 6:10 pm

Hey Hottie, so glad to see you cope up well during this situation. Me on the other hand am finding it really tough. The uncertainty, the paranoia is not doing well for my anxiety. I hope to make my peace with it soon. The new normal, as you say.

P.S: I love the images you have created for this post. No one is not cheered up by unicorns 🙂

Much love!
Soumya recently posted…Action Replay + Gratitude List: March 2020

Vinitha April 4, 2020 at 3:19 am

Oh, fridge betraying at this time is so not cool. People are stocking their kitchen pantry as if the new normal is THE normal which is not at all helpful. I was annoyed at this hoarding mentality thinking about the many out there who lives from paycheck to paycheck and can’t stock up like others. But yes, only now I thought about those whose appliances refuse to work. But as they say, where there is a will, there is a way.

Good that your son is at home. It’s such a relief to have family close by in this time of uncertainty. My sister is in Dubai, I am in the US, my mom is in Kerala. We all call each other every day to make sure all of us are okay.

That tree is an instant smile inducer, Vidya. Thank you for sharing it here.

I have been missing on the gratitude circle for the past few months. I will write and link up next week. This is time to count our blessings without failure. Right?
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Parul Thakur April 8, 2020 at 6:49 pm

Good to hear from you Vidya and know how things are at your end. I am happy, the three of you are together. The new normal was needed and I hope it helps.
Sorry about your fridge. My microwave just conked off yesterday and now we don’t have one 🙁 Let see when we can buy another. This one has lived its life and can’t get fixed.
Our area is selling all the essentials but I can imagine that it must be hard at your end.

Loved that tree. It is so beautiful! Will I get to see you tomorrow? 🙂 Take care and stay safe.
Parul Thakur recently posted…Gratitude List – March 2020

#ThursdayTreeLove - 85 - happiness and food April 9, 2020 at 12:08 am

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