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Gratefully Marching Ahead #GratitudeCircle

Marching Ahead Gratefully - March 2019 Gratitude Circle blog hop

As usual, March has been busy with various things – visits, travel, work and more. It seems to have gone by faster than expected and I am shocked to find that we’re at the end of the month. No regrets though–considering life always has her ups and downs. I didn’t spend much time online–which is a good thing since I was busy focusing on decluttering and cleaning up. The stuff that accumulates over years and years and years is not…

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My Circus My Monkeys
Gratitude Mindful Living

My Circus My Monkeys

I never thought I’d say this: but I am having a tough time writing this gratitude post today. Forgive me for being human, but ever since the start of 2019, besides the lovely four days traveling, life has been…

A Conscious Balancing Act #gratitudecircle #bloghop

A Conscious Balancing Act

Step with care and great tact. And remember life’s a great balancing act. Dr. Seuss Life’s always a balancing act, right? I started the New Year away from home, as I accompanied my son back to campus and spent…

Mindset is everything. Gratitude Circle
Gratitude Mindful Living

Mindset is Everything #GratitudeCircle

In fact, mindset determines how we respond to anything that happens to us, wouldn’t you agree? I have experienced that more than ever over the years as seemingly impossible events occurred. I mean, if someone had told me these…