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Enjoying treats not tricks at least for now #GratitudeCircle

by Vidya Sury November 2, 2020 6 comments
Enjoying treats not tricks for now

Life is short. And I’ve learned, over the decades to focus on treats not tricks.

Just as I was writing this post, I was sad to hear about the passing of Sir Sean Connery, the legendary and stylish actor. So sad. Yes, he lived a good life and yet . . .  sigh!

Only yesterday I was musing over how I’ve had the same ringtone since I bought my first cell phone in 2003. The phones changed but the ringtone has not – it has always been the theme music of Dr.No – the first James Bond movie starring Sean Connery. Yes, I am a big fan of James Bond movies and have seen them all – some more than thrice.

Always feels strange to hear of a celebrity’s death because it never seems real to me. Probably because they live through their work forever. And that, somehow, is comforting.

October was pleasantly busy. I am trying to manage my work and time better and stay more organized. This pandemic has gone on for too long, no? And still no real respite. We are going to be staying home for a while longer and even if we are now used to it, it is not always easy. What do you think?

Well, we have to stay motivated and what better way than to make a gratitude list, yes? Let’s count the treats, not tricks.

Counting the treats not tricks

Here are my highlights from October ♥ the treats not tricks

8-week diabetes challenge

I enrolled for an 8-week diabetes challenge that began on 26 October. Which probably explains why I am late with this post, for all the good reasons. I’ve been busy getting my routine in order. I am sleeping earlier. Waking up earlier. And following the requirements of the challenge. They are easy and aimed at creating lifelong changes that stick.

I am looking forward to the next few weeks and feel quite excited with what I am doing. I am glad I am back to waking up early.

With all of us at home now, there is no real need to wake up early and pack lunchboxes—and I guess we’ve slacked off on rising early. I have changed that now. And it feels good. And this definitely qualifies as one of the treats not tricks.


If ever there was a time in my life to be grateful for my friends, that time is now, particularly when we are not able to meet—unless you count video calls. I am super thankful to mine for being there.

One close friend and I, in spite of living in the same city, and not very far off from each other, always joke about how we somehow end up not meeting as often as we should. Well, we now have a pact. We will wish each other first thing in the morning, every day. And it has been so amusing! Also . . . if one of us does not respond, the other worries. Talk about the balance of life!

Enjoying tricks not treats

Fitness classes

I mentioned joining a fitness class in last month’s post, remember? I am happy to say it is going well and I look forward to it eagerly. So grateful I am able to stay fit in the comfort of my home. And thankful to Janaki and Zoom for making it possible. If you’re interested, message her here.

While I am still not going out anywhere, I do step out and walk in our building’s backyard where some residents with green thumbs, with the help of a gardener keep that area green. As part of my diabetes challenge, I practice “grounding” for 30 minutes, which involves standing on earth—on soil. Part of my healthy routine now. And every day I discover something new there.


This past month, I’ve had the pleasure of having papaya for breakfast on most mornings and I am really grateful. As I enjoy my big bowl of the fruit, I recall wonderful memories of time spent with my Mom, who also loved the fruit. I feel so fortunate to enjoy this double treat—happy moments to cherish plus a healthy fruit.


Work is picking up, slowly. I am grateful, though. I was so anxious for several months and feeling guilty about it because I was falling short of the commitment that I’ve made to myself—for donating to charity. I am glad the situation is improving. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed and hoping things continue to get better.

An early Diwali gift

My friend and I were talking about the festival season and how different this year has been panning out. As we went down memory lane I was browsing on my laptop to find something for her when I came across this lovely Casserole from Vaya. Knowing full well I am never going to buy them, I told my friend and she wanted the link.

To my shocked surprise, a week later, I received these. Don’t they look good?

Casserole Tricks not treats a


I am looking forward to managing my time better and saving electricity with these. They claim to keep food hot for hours. With the weather turning colder it is nice to enjoy hot food. I am sometimes lazy to heat up my portion even though we have a microwave. So, I hope this takes care of that. Well. What an unexpected gift!

A wonderful experience

Was talking to a young friend a couple of weeks ago. She was struggling with something and wanted to chat. I remember long ago, my Mom giving me this advice. Affirmations. A quick and easy way to lift your spirits. They worked for me then and they work for me now. I suggested these to my young friend and recommended that she write these down and repeat them when she felt low.

  1. I am adventurous.
  2. I have endless amounts of energy.
  3. I am surrounded by positive, loyal friends.
  4. I insert fun and excitement into every day.
  5. I am creative.
  6. I am always learning and improving.
  7. I am excited by life’s possibilities.
  8. I know that my potential is endless.
  9. I push my limits and beat all odds.
  10. I am happy to be alive!

I called her to ask how she was doing and she said she was feeling much better and that the affirmations were helping. What a wonderful feeling! Do you use affirmations? Do they help you?

A happiness list

And oh, I happened to read a post from life coach, author, and TV host, Hellen Buttigieg titled How to Elevate Your Mood by Reliving Your Most Memorable Moments and I was delighted – it sounded so much like something I might write. Also, it made me happy because I practice what she wrote about quite diligently. It is a wonderful exercise my Mom taught me decades ago when we were going through a particularly hard time.

I confess it was difficult to do it then, but I got over that quickly because the exercise brings about that transformation.

The exercise involves reflecting on the things you did that made you happy in the past. To quote Hellen:

To get myself out of the funk I was feeling due to the pandemic, and to occupy the ‘monkey mind’ that spirals out of control when it has too much time to think, I started reflecting on the things I did that made me happy in the past. I grabbed some paper and started making a list of the amazing things I got to do in my life.

As I reminisced about these memorable moments, the same heightened emotions I felt in the past were felt again. It was like being engrossed in a movie, but that movie was my real life. It felt so delicious, I kept doing it, a little every day. Next thing I knew, I had over 100 things on my list.  

Can you identify with that? I can! And I’ve been having fun putting together my own list. As she suggests, you can add photos to make the memory even more vivid. And to quote Hellen again:

“Let’s shift our focus from all we can’t do right now to all the things we were fortunate to experience so far—and relive them.”

Wonderful, no?

So, go ahead and pick a memory. Spend about five minutes writing about it. Relive the memory. It can be a vacation memory, attending a musical event, a get-together with friends, whatever comes to mind. And enjoy that feeling of being transported right back to that moment!

It is best to:

Savor more; fix less.
Laugh more; cry less.
Anticipate positively more; anticipate negatively less.
Nothing is more important than that you feel good.
Just practice that and watch what happens.

Savor more fix less - Enjoy treats not tricks

Did you smile today? Yes? Great!


Join me for the October 2020 Gratitude Circle Blog Hop.

How was October? Are you able to pick out the treats not tricks?

Gratitude Circle Vidya Sury

To join the Gratitude Circle blog hop, you can write about anything that made you feel good. It is not mandatory to write about your personal life. Or list personal things you are grateful for.

You have the freedom to share anything that made you feel good. A happy event. Something you saw. An experience. A place. Something that brought you happiness. A lovely book you read that filled you with joy. Anything. I repeat – it need not be personal at all.

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

Click here to enter

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Soumya November 3, 2020 at 12:28 pm

Ah Vidya, you are my life coach! Your posts always ooze so much positivity and I always leave this place with a smile 🙂

Kudos to you joining Janaki’s classes, she’s doing a fabulous job and I’m so proud of her and you! Health always comes first. If there is anything this pandemic has taught us, it is this.

Those casseroles look superb! Let me know if they work, I’ll buy them then. The idea of the Affirmations list and happiness list is simply superb. I’m going to try them out soon.

Wishing you a fabulous November, Hottie!

Lots of love!
Soumya recently posted…Action Replay + Gratitude List: September & October 2020

Parul Thakur November 4, 2020 at 1:26 pm

Always love reading your Gratitude posts. They are full of optimism.
Health first and that’s the only thing no one else can do for us. Like you, since March I also did not let my routine go for a toss. I get up around the same time and workout. With that being same, I feel so much better.
That casserole looks beautiful. Friends know what we need 🙂
I love the exercise and those words of wisdom. Will try it out.
You have a fabulous November, Vidya. Take care and stay blessed! <3
Parul Thakur recently posted…Gratitude List – October 2020

G Angela November 5, 2020 at 1:25 pm

Hi Vidya, its such a pleasure to read your post, you amaze me and I am motivated by everything you do- beginning with taking care of your health. Yes ! I have started getting up early to walk and stretch and am happy about that. I am glad to read how you staying in touch with your friends. I am glad we have zoom meetings once a week to catch up and i look forward to meet them virtually. Affirmations are my favourite, yes I do practice and keep repeating day in and out to keep myself positive. I like the happiness list too, Thanks for sharing your post so creatively, appreciate you and hopefully we will all be able to sail through this pandemic,stay safe, be happy:)
G Angela recently posted…#WATWB –Dr Ravindra Kolhe

How do we know November 7, 2020 at 5:58 pm

On your blog after a LONG time Vidya.. what a lovely, positive, warm place this remains. I need to come back a lot more often now. You are one of the blessings of our life. Every time I read your blog, I go back feeling positive and great. God Bless You!

MeenalSonal Mathur November 11, 2020 at 5:45 pm

Vidhya, keeping health a priority you have done amazing with the week’s plan. And I like the affirmations list which says us there is ray of hope no matter what situation is. I too practice self affirmations and also few actions that make me feel energised.

switchboards February 7, 2021 at 7:33 pm

I have started getting up early to walk and stretch and am happy about that. I am glad to read how you staying in touch with your friends. I am glad we have zoom meetings once a week to catch up and I look forward to meeting them virtually. Always feels strange to hear of a celebrity’s death because it never seems real to me. Probably because they live through their work forever. And that, somehow, is comforting.


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