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Mindful Living Wednesday Wisdom

Are you making life harder than it has to be?

Are you making life harder than it has to be

I have been wondering – are we making life harder than it has to be? Oh, life is tough. With a million things to manage on a daily basis, it is no surprise we lag behind more often than we care to admit. Still, life probably hard sometimes because we can be our own enemies. We make it hard for ourselves. Weird eh? What really happens is this: when times are tough, we make them tougher just to get a…

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Is time your friend
Mindful Living Wednesday Wisdom

Is Time Your Friend?

What is your relationship with Time? Is Time your friend? I know most people stress over their relationship with Time. That they have too little time and too much to do. I believe that I have a pretty good…

And then one day Mom just woke up
Mindful Living Parenting Wednesday Wisdom

A Mom’s Awakening

This week, I want to share a lovely little story about a mom’s awakening. I wanted to write about a wonderful meditation practice this week for Wednesday Wisdom and I had almost finished writing it up. Just then, one…