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Happy Mother’s Day

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20 Priceless Mothers Day Gifts for Mom. Cost = 0

20 mothers day gifts you can give mom

I’ve quickly put together 20 delightful Mothers Day gifts your mom will love, and won’t cost you a dime. But you really don’t need a special day to celebrate Mothers Day, right? Moms are special and deserve to be honored every single day. And yet, we don’t always get around to doing that. We love them, but we love to take them for granted. And maybe that is why Mothers Day is here to remind us, nudge us to make…

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Mom did you read that label? #readthelabel

Dear Mom, Did You Read The Label? #readthelabel

For every Mom—new or expectant—her baby’s safety is her prime concern–and a lifelong one, I might add. When I was born, during the 60s, my family did not even think about buying babycare products. My Mom simply went by her…


The Best Job in the World

God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers. That is the quote I wrote every year when I presented my Mom with my “Happy Mothers Day” card. She often said that being a Mother was the best…

Happy Mother's Day tribute

Mother’s Day Tribute to My Mom

Not that I need a special day to write a Mother’s Day tribute to Mom. I consider myself extremely fortunate that I had my Mother and Grandmother, two wonderfully wise women who believed in giving and not keeping score.…