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Book Review

Buddha’s Diet #AtoZChallenge #BookReview

Buddhas Diet Book Review Vidya Sury

The mention of Buddha generally brings a peaceful feeling…for most people, anyway. Combine that with the word diet–something most of us love to hate and stress over, and it seems like a winning combo. To me, at least. But to mention Buddha and Diet in the same breath? Truth is, the original Buddha was thin, not the chubby, mostly topless dude we see. That chubby version was a mythical hero who roamed the Chinese countryside. The real Buddha started his…

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superfoods vidya sury
health and wellness tips

7 Superfoods To Power Up Your Life

Eating healthy is almost synonymous to staying healthy. A major part of the positive effects from leading a healthy lifestyle comes from a balanced and nutritious diet, with the remaining is from exercise. Here are seven superfoods to help…

fortune rice bran oil
health and wellness tips

Fortune Rice Bran Oil – A Review

I am reviewing Fortune rice bran oil as a part of the BlogAdda’s Product Review Program for Indian Bloggers. I’ve been using rice bran oil since 2004 on the advice of a dietician who recommended it when my Mother had to…