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Of beds, mattresses and sweet dreams

Of beds, mattresses and sweet dreams

Just the other day, we noticed that one of the legs supporting our bedroom cot was weak. Time to shop for a bed and maybe mattresses too. We reminisced about that time when we purchased it, along with a couple of other things – a study desk and a bookcase. And of course, we strolled right down nostalgia lane, memory street. My husband recalled how they would mop the floor before sleeping at night during his childhood to cool the…

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Casa Grande Dream Home Vidya Sury

Are you living in your dream home?

From the time we are capable of thinking coherently, each one of us starts building our dream home – inside our head, at any rate. It could be triggered by a visit to a friend’s house, or something we…

paradise found vidya sury
Positive thinking

Paradise Found

Paradise is a place on earth. In my home. In my mind. Really. Because I choose to think that way. I was just reading Elle’s post about little words making a big difference and it took me back six…