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Of beds, mattresses and sweet dreams

by Vidya Sury June 14, 2019 1 comment
Of beds, mattresses and sweet dreams

Just the other day, we noticed that one of the legs supporting our bedroom cot was weak. Time to shop for a bed and maybe mattresses too. We reminisced about that time when we purchased it, along with a couple of other things – a study desk and a bookcase. And of course, we strolled right down nostalgia lane, memory street.

My husband recalled how they would mop the floor before sleeping at night during his childhood to cool the floors because Delhi, where he grew up was so hot in summer. They also had those grass curtains that they sprinkled with water to cool the rooms.

During my childhood, we did not have cots. We slept on the floor on a mattress or a mat depending on the weather. In summer, it was usually a straw mat with a bedsheet and a pillow. In colder weather, we used thin mattresses on the mat with a light blanket. Well, we lived in Mumbai and the weather was never really cold. The duty of spreading the bed at night and rolling everything up in the morning was a chore. In fact, those days—the 60s—we did not have a refrigerator or even fans on all the rooms. Also, no phone. Can you imagine?

Our home was huge –we occupied the entire second floor of our building. The only technology we had, if one could call it that, was a large Murphy radio and a vinyl record player with a huge collection of records. We also had a gramophone. Life was certainly eco-friendly. Visitors sat on mats on the floor. Sure, we had a few folding chairs for special occasions or for those who could not sit on the floor. We did have a lovely wooden swing the size of a double bed in the living room, on which at least eight of us could sit comfortably—and often did.

Over the years, as we moved, our lifestyle changed and we’ve come a long way. Today, we take our furniture, refrigerator, fans, hot water on tap, washing machines, computers, smartphones, kitchen appliances and phones for granted. We can’t even imagine sleeping on the floor. Unless we were camping of course, then we’d use our tent mattress!

As we laughed over the memories, we came back to the topic of needing a new bed. We generally like to keep our furniture simplistic and sturdy with easy maintenance. We like to think of our bedroom as a peaceful and a place to relax, with the main focus on the bed. So yes, we do have three bookshelves in there, with a couple of closets for clothes, but that’s not the point now.

Keeping in mind that a friend of ours had recently shopped for beds and raved about multi-functional modern bed designs, we were curious to see what was out there.

These days you can get all sorts of features regardless of whether you go in for the conventional four poster bed or the modern angular bed design.

But what about the multifunctional part?

I was definitely curious about that.  Most of the beds I’ve seen while window shopping furniture stores are designs with straight edges, clean lines with minimal frills, and I quite like that look. To me, less intricate design translates to less dusting.  But some of these come with storage space in the headboard area, in addition to under the sleeping area. And if you think the solid designs are difficult to move or lift, there are easy lift hydraulic systems that make it super easy to handle the storage area. Naturally, this leaves space in the bedroom for other things such as a dresser, seat, etc.

One feature I particularly liked was the extension around the bed, a sort of platform that serves as a space to keep books, medicines, maybe a nightlamp, etc.

Bed design has evolved into innovative aspects such as tufted headboards, sled beds, upholstered sides and more. Some of them come with remote controlled parts.

And of course, technology is constantly changing and bed design is no exception. Did you know you can control the heat of your mattress? And also use buttons to manage your night lamps and cabinets?

Well, I didn’t. I feel like I am Alice in Wonderland.

But I’ve got to say that I do like the traditional bed design. Even though they are a dusting nightmare and need care, they do look fabulous with their intricate carvings. It’s a good thing they’re way beyond our budget. I can see that furniture stores are trying to give the customer the best of both worlds by combining traditional design with modern technology, resulting in aesthetically pleasing “multifunctional” beds.

And as if that wasn’t wonderful enough, the cherry on the proverbial cake is choosing all the features we want in the design of our choice, online. Have to love high-speed internet for this, right?

So, thanks to our friend singing the praises of their experience with the online store Urban Ladder where you can not only get beds but also a range of mattresses online, we are now totally spoilt for choice.

They have a massive selection of modern bed designs, which is what we’re really focusing on. There are beds with and without storage systems, stylish wood finish headboards and those extensions I mentioned earlier. I quite like the idea of that. And they have fancy names like Rovan and Valencia and Tahiti and so on. I am also fascinated by beds with sliding mattresses—which can turn a single bed into a double bed—perfect for the guest room. Some have inbuilt cabinets and built-in tables—for the workaholics. Also useful if one falls sick.

I was wondering how to set aside half a day to go shop for beds, but now it looks like I can do it from the comfort of “my spot” in the living room. Such a variety of sizes, storage options, colors, designs, and other facilities. Truly we live in the age of abundance. I am going to have a tough time choosing and I am quite sure I’ll end up getting more than I need. All within my budget.

Now if that’s not cool, what is? Oh, they have the option of exchange through their partner. Also, they do have a physical store in our city, should I choose to visit.

I can now sleep peacefully at night! So important to get a good night’s rest to stay healthy, right?

The best bed a man can sleep on is peace

Have you shopped beds online?

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Sameer Hora April 11, 2020 at 12:36 pm

The design and size are really important while selecting a bed for your bedroom.


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