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Which would you rather pick – a motorbike or a car?

by Vidya Sury March 31, 2021 2 comments
Which would you rather pick_ a motorbike or a car_

Given a choice, which would you rather pick? A motorbike or a car?

A couple of weeks ago, as we cleared out the last of the giveaways from our garage, which was being renovated, one thing that got me emotional was giving away my helmet since I don’t have a motorbike anymore. Okay, so I only gave one of my two helmets away – I kept the second one. But still. Brought back so many wonderful memories!

Then I called my friend to whine a little. When he told me he was just returning from a visit to his cousin in another state and had decided to motorbike it, it just made me feel even more nostalgic. Way to make me cry!


In the modern world, it is a more or less an accepted fact that to get from one place to another, you’re going to need motorized transport. Sure, if you’re just slipping out to see a friend who lives nearby, or if the shops are a short walk away, you can forego the vehicle once in a while, but longer journeys, and the fact that they tend to involve carrying stuff, mean that you’re either going to need to drive, or to know someone who does and is happy to give you a ride.

Of course, if you live in an area like mine where practically everything is accessible on foot, you are super-lucky. You are probably thinking – what about work meetings? Please don’t be envious – but most people enjoy coming to this part of town and so, that’s wonderful. But yes, occasionally I do head out because it is unavoidable. And in those instances, until a few years ago, I simply zipped around on my own or my friend’s motorbike. Had to sell it off, sadly, because I had a major accident that resulted in nerve damage and my folks would absolutely not hear of me ever owning a motorbike again. Cruel, but there it is!

In any case, I would always argue that a motorbike is always a better means of transport most of the time, compared to a car, especially with roads as congested as they are and traffic jams being the order of the day. On a motorbike you can weave in and out of traffic and also, as we often see, people actually hop over and ride on the sidewalk in a pinch—which is something you really can’t do in a car.

Yes, I see you arguing back that a motorbike can only accommodate two people; so what happens when you want to go out as a family? Agreed. Yes, you will need larger transport. Well, in our family we try and take public transport as much as we can when we are able to and opt for a cab only when we have to. Anyway, right now we are not going anywhere thanks to the movement and travel restrictions.

But please let me have my say about why I am more partial to motorbikes vis-à-vis cars. I can think of at least five reasons!

5 solid reasons to pick a motorbike over a car

5 reasons why motorbikes rock more than a car

Motorbikes are cheaper

Can’t argue with that. No matter where you are in the world, you’ll find that a motorbike sets you back less than a car. This gap in price may close a little when you buy a second-hand car, but if you get to the point where a car is costing you the same as a similarly-aged bike, take a deep breath and run away. Any car that is that cheap has got to have something wrong with it—unless that seller is a bit crazy and is giving away her stuff. Bikes have (typically) a single seat, two wheels and fewer add-ons – of course they’re going to be cheaper.

Motorbikes are convenient

If you are going to buy a car, you need to have space to accommodate it. Maybe your house has off-road parking or comes with a garage, but most houses these days don’t have a large enough space to park a standard car.

A motorcycle is smaller and more compact. This has its disadvantages, of course: they tend to come off worse in accidents, leaving you needing access to motorcycle accident attorneys you can rely on, for one thing. But in good times, a two-wheeled vehicle allows you to comfortably take side streets and lanes you’d struggle to get a car into. And it’s much easier to park, too. My motorbike definitely got me to work way faster than any car would have!

Motorbikes are more economical – in every sense

Not only are motorbikes cheaper to buy than their four-wheeled counterparts: they’re more affordable to run, too. A less complicated mechanism means that if they do need repairs or maintenance, the bill will be a lot smaller (and that’s if it’s something you can’t repair yourself). They also get much better mileage per gallon of fuel than cars do – which is better for the planet in terms of fuel extraction and emissions. All in all, it’s hard to argue with benefits like those.

Motorbikes are healthier for you

As well as being kinder to the planet and gentler on the wallet, motorcycles are also better for you. Compared to sitting at the wheel of a car, being on a bike will require you to stay balanced, so you’re working on your core control all the time. You’ll also strengthen joints, especially the knees. As a surprising side-benefit, you can also expect to boost your cognitive function; it’s a result of needing to stay alert while you’re in the seat.

Motorbikes are cool!

Let’s face it – motorbikes are cool! Nothing like zooming around and easily maneuvering those wheels as you commute. I have fantastic decades of memories of long trips made on my motorbike – and while I’ve done my fair share on other modes of transport, the biggest smiles have been with motorbikes – breakdowns and all! Great adventures! And great gear too! I have a good friend who does all his inter-city travels on his motorbike and loves it.

So, what do you think?

Given a choice would you pick a motorbike or a car as your regular transport?

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Rashel Ahmed April 9, 2021 at 12:01 pm

Really lovely post it is. Thanks for sharing with us.
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jeff August 13, 2021 at 9:56 pm

For me its car over bike everyday, bikes bring in alot of other factors like weather etc


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