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Love Is In The Air

Love is in the air #travel #thursdaytreelove #mindfulness

This gorgeous spot is one of my happy places on my son’s campus. I remember the first time I saw the expanse of green, moist after the rain when the sun just broke out of the clouds. The two trees you see behind the bench were just young ‘uns when I first saw them and have grown over the years. The bench is a recent addition. As one skirts this lawn of sorts and views it from the road that…

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My Umbrella and I

My Umbrella and I

I bet each one of you has an umbrella story (or several) to tell. My first memory of an umbrella is probably from the time I was five–or younger–huddling under a huge black umbrella with a wooden handle; at…

Gingi #AtoZChallenge #Childhood #Humor
#AtoZChallenge Humor Parenting


It happened in 1982. Most of you reading this were probably not even born (couldn’t resist that—what with most people addressing me as anything but Vidya these days *evil grin*) I was in the first year of college, studying…

While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about. A letter to my son on his birthday. #parenting #beingmom

A Letter to My Son

Dear Son, Happy birthday! This morning, after I had my coffee, I sat down to work as usual, to catch that precious morning hour. But somehow, I could not concentrate. My eyes kept wandering to the clock, and the…