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What I learned from trying to deal with a clogged drain

Clogged drain? Here are five mistakes to avoid while drain cleaning. #draincleaning #cloggeddrain #DIY #plumbing

We have had our share of seepages and other annoying things that are part of living, especially in an apartment complex. And if there’s one thing that’s terrifying for a homeowner—or even someone in a rented home—it is a clogged drain, indoors or outdoors. We enjoy our living space, but it’s simply a fact of life that dead skin, soap and a host of other items go down the drain; eventually, the residue builds up and prevents anything from moving.…

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Destination Dreamhome Prestige Glenwood Vidya Sury

Destination Dreamhome

Remember my recent post about dream houses? Last Saturday, I was invited to view Prestige Glenwood, a Prestige Constructions property here in Bangalore! When we first moved to Bangalore eighteen years ago, we almost moved into Prestige Déjà vu…