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by Vidya Sury February 11, 2017 6 comments
Destination Dreamhome Prestige Glenwood Vidya Sury

Remember my recent post about dream houses? Last Saturday, I was invited to view Prestige Glenwood, a Prestige Constructions property here in Bangalore!

When we first moved to Bangalore eighteen years ago, we almost moved into Prestige Déjà vu but decided against it since it was too far from my husband’s place of work.  That teeny bit of regret always stuck around because it was a beautiful place.

Considering that I enjoy looking at houses, I was looking forward to my visit to Prestige Glenwood.  Anticipating a pleasant Saturday afternoon and armed with a P G Wodehouse book (Meet Mr.Mulliner for those who are curious) I headed off to Budigere.

Prestige Glenwood

This is a residential gated community of  116 twin houses and independent villas. Sprawled across 15 acres of prime land, It is located at Budigere Cross, off Old Madras Road, and approximately 20 km from MG Road. Far away from the noise and traffic (and pollution) of the city, yet easily accessible.


The road leading to the property was a pleasant ride and when I entered the gates, the scene that met my eyes was one of serene tranquility. The best thing was the freshness of the air in the warm afternoon sunshine.

Destination Dreamhome Prestige Glenwood 5

I was directed to the clubhouse where others were waiting for a tour of the property. We assembled in the multipurpose hall and Mr Harshad Deshpande, who was in charge, briefed us about the agenda for the afternoon.

We already know that over the last decade, the Prestige Group has firmly established itself as one of the leading and most successful developers of real estate in India, which offers different properties, houses and office space for rent. It was interesting to learn that their own Morph Design Company does all their interior designing in-house. Here is more information about the group.

Prestige Glenwood is four years old.  Only 30% of the land has been used for construction and the rest of it is extensive landscaping with orchards and lush greenery.

There are six different types of villas and twin houses of three and four bedroom configuration with sizes ranging from 2940 square feet to 3662 square feet.

We then set off for a look at the model villa. There are already quite a few residents living here, lucky people!

Here are some photos of the model villa.

Destination Dreamhome Prestige Glenwood 5

The villas and twin house are RCC framed structures using cement blocks for all walls.

The bedroom flooring is wooden laminated, while the foyer, living, dining, family, corridor and internal staircases have Italian marble.

Destination Dreamhome Prestige Glenwood 2

Balconies and terraces have anti-skid ceramic tiles. The bathrooms were well fitted with Italian marble flooring and countertop and other elements.

As for the kitchen and utility area, there is granite flooring and ceramic tile flooring in the servant’s room.

Destination Dreamhome Prestige Glenwood 5

I was pleased to see the solar panels on the terrace. And the view was quite gorgeous.

Destination Dreamhome Prestige Glenwood 2

Incidentally, we learned that there are no south facing villas and all the houses are Vaastu compliant, for those who look for these things.

The independent villas have their own private lawns, surrounded by open landscaped areas. The cobbled pathways look pretty.

Destination Dreamhome Prestige Glenwood 2

The gated community has world-class amenities such as a club house, a well-equipped gym, a large swimming pool that shimmered away in the sun, a multipurpose hall, presumably for events, a squash court, health club, badminton court, indoor sports area with a billiards room, children’s play area and yoga room. The clubhouse also had space marked for a supermarket/convenience store.

Destination Dreamhome Prestige Glenwood 2

Of course you want to know: What does it cost? Call it an investment.  The villas/twin houses range from 2.15 to 2.69 crores.

If you are looking for a lovely home, the luxury of lifestyle amenities in serene, peaceful ambiance, all within easy access to the city and airport, now is your chance to take advantage of a limited offer from Prestige, aptly termed “Power of 3”

Destination Dreamhouse Powerof3 PrestigeGlenwood

See details below. Essentially, it means that part of your loan will be offset by Prestige Constructions and you will end up saving as much as Rs.1 crore with a long-term housing loan. The loan will be from HDFC Bank and SBI. While bank interest is 8.75%, the Prestige Group will subvent it as per the following details. That’s right. Hurry now and find out more by calling 1800 313 0080 toll free. Or visit Power of 3. The offer is for ready to occupy property and not for those under construction.


And oh, there is a four-lane highway in the works, as early as in eighteen months.

After we looked around the property, we returned to the Clubhouse for refreshments and a much needed coffee.

Destination Dreamhome Prestige Glenwood 2

Then it was time to go home. As I waited for my cab to arrive, I soaked in the peace of my surroundings and walked among the flowers.

Destination Dreamhome Prestige Glenwood 2

As always, I felt quite happy about meeting some of my friends who had also come for the tour. As Mayuri rightly said, the Power of 3 works for us, too!

For more information about Prestige Glenwood visit their website.

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Birgit February 12, 2017 at 9:42 am

This looks like a beautiful place to retire in or live in no matter what! It looks so clean and well taken care of and everything new which is also nice.

Ramya Abhinand February 13, 2017 at 5:19 pm

Beautiful indeed.. glad they are ready to move in apartments.. cause i am having a tough time with a Bangalore based developer who is yet to finish the project and has kept us home buyers delayed by over 6 years.

Rajlakshmi February 15, 2017 at 4:01 am

Oh gosh… Look at the beautiful houses and the interiors and the waterfront… Sigh I love looking at houses and going on open house inspections even if I am not planning to buy a new one. This looks like a great place to buy property.

Shalini February 15, 2017 at 6:16 pm

Fab villa and stunning pictures! 🙂

Darla M Sands February 15, 2017 at 6:23 pm

When can I move in? It looks absolutely lovely.

Sid February 16, 2017 at 3:22 pm

Sigh! IT looks so gorgeous! 🙂
I know this is a sponsored blogpost, but people should learn how to do a good sponsored post from you.
Sid recently posted…On love, relationships and #WhatWomenReallyWant


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