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Mindful Living #AtoZChallenge

The Zen of Being More Dog

The Zen of being a dog--It's about the dog. The dog book blog tour #Zen #dogs

Man’s best friend. Unconditional love. Health booster. Cuddles. Love. Patient. Playful. Loving. Fun. Happiness. That’s what comes to my mind when I think of dogs. So much we can learn from them. And none better than my dear friend Guilie–who blogs about dogs at Life In Dogs, and about everything else at Quiet Laughter–to showcase those lessons! I am privileged to know Guilie and I am thrilled to be part of The Dog Book Blog Tour for her forthcoming book…

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Book review How to Train a Wild Elephant-And Other Adventures in Mindfulness
Mindful Living

How to Train a Wild Elephant #AtoZChallenge

You hardly need me to tell you that busy lifestyles and increasing stress levels can only endure up to a limit. Soon enough, we reach that point when we become desperate to find ways to bring back that balance…

Create happiness Vidya Sury

How to Navigate Negativity and Create Happiness

When we are able to make others happier and more successful, we feel happier too. We’ve all been told countless times “You can’t change other people.” But this societal belief is not only disempowering, it is, perhaps surprisingly, scientifically…

Gratitude unlocks happiness vidya sury

Gratitude Unlocks Happiness

I started writing my Gratitude Circle blog post during our visit to my son’s music teacher’s house last week. The glorious sound of their voices singing enveloped me. I couldn’t help marvelling as I mulled over the ten years…

happiness vidya sury

Happiness is Homemade

When Darla tagged me for the Eight Photos of Happiness bloghop, I was delighted. I love photos. Every photo I click feels like a story, a precious package of memories that transport me to that moment in time. And…