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A few months ago, I reviewed the stylish Vaya Tyffyn following its grand launch, and have been using it regularly. When I got an invitation to review the latest 600 ml version of this lunchbox, I was definitely interested and eager to see what it looked like. If I thought the first Vaya Tyffyn was sleek, this one turned out to be cuter! My first thought when I opened the eco-friendly carton was, oooh! Vaya Tyffyn had a baby! Just the right size, but packing in the same features as its predecessor, the 600ml version is perfect for school, college and work! The food stays fresh and warm for up to four or five hours. While the 1000 ml Vaya Tyffyn comes with two 300 ml and one 400 ml containers, the new 600 ml version has two vacuum insulated 300 ml containers. Let me run through what makes the…

A packed lunch has been an integral part of my life. When I went to school, then college, then to work, my folks and I took extra care to pack the box. The delicious food was a given, and most days I would greet an empty lunch box by the time lunchtime rolled around–nevertheless, I’ve always enjoyed a packed lunch: if not mine, then someone else’s. I remember how envious I used to feel at the sight of some of my classmates’ tiffin carriers. I mean, how luxurious to carry a full meal and settle down to a three-course lunch! I vowed to do the same when I started working, and I did. I had the traditional steel tiffin carrier in two sizes, and carried one of those, depending on the menu of the day at home. I even made a snug and jazzy canvas bag to carry it, along…

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