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Vaya Tyffyn 600 ml premium #lunchbox #Review Enjoy homefood on the go!

by Vidya Sury March 31, 2017 4 comments
Vaya Tyffyn 600 ml premium #lunchbox #Review Vidya Sury

A few months ago, I reviewed the stylish Vaya Tyffyn following its grand launch, and have been using it regularly. When I got an invitation to review the latest 600 ml version of this lunchbox, I was definitely interested and eager to see what it looked like.

If I thought the first Vaya Tyffyn was sleek, this one turned out to be cuter!

My first thought when I opened the eco-friendly carton was, oooh! Vaya Tyffyn had a baby!

Vaya Tyffyn 600 ml premium #lunchbox #Review Vidya Sury

Just the right size, but packing in the same features as its predecessor, the 600ml version is perfect for school, college and work! The food stays fresh and warm for up to four or five hours.

Vaya Tyffyn 600 ml premium #lunchbox #Review Vidya Sury

While the 1000 ml Vaya Tyffyn comes with two 300 ml and one 400 ml containers, the new 600 ml version has two vacuum insulated 300 ml containers.

Vaya Tyffyn 600 ml premium #lunchbox #Review Vidya Sury

Let me run through what makes the 600 ml Vaya Tyffyn efficient:

  • Standing 13 cms tall, the Tyffyn’s outer shell is made of stainless steel with internal copper lining. The inner container is copper finished stainless steel. The lid base, lids and handle are FDA approved BPA-free plastic, which means no smell.
  • The 600 ml Vaya Tyffyn came to me, packed in an eco-friendly cardboard carton.
  • In the box were the following: One unit outer shell with handle, One unit Tyffyn base with latch, Two units inner containers of capacity 300 ml, Two unit partitions for 300 ml container. I chose the graphite variant because it looks rather “dude” sitting next to my matching flask. (hey, I like my coffee!)
  • Again, physics is at work with VacuTherm insulation. The double walled high vacuum insulated stainless steel shell traps heat as it rises, ensuring the food stays hot, or cold for 4-5 hours—just like your thermos flask which can take hot and cold stuff.Vaya Tyffyn 600 ml premium #lunchbox #Review Vidya Sury
  • The oval design is compact and 30% thinner than most lunch boxes
  • Since the positive pressure seals container lids, it is leak resistantVaya Tyffyn 600 ml premium #lunchbox #Review Vidya Sury
  • Quality material and finish with food grade stainless steel shell and inner containers.
  • New extra feature: two smart partitions that fit into the container, for those who enjoy variety—so you can pack your lunch like a boss. No need to feel sad about leaving out a favorite snack. So, two containers effectively become four small ones. Nice for those who are fussy about their food items getting mixed up. Think chutney or sambar soaked idlis or pooris swimming in gravy. Nope.Vaya Tyffyn 600 ml premium #lunchbox #Review Vidya Sury
  • Improved lid handling, with a deeper groove to make it easier for kids to open.

While the Vaya Tyffyn 1000 ml came with a convenient BagMat, a smart shoulder bag that unzips to become a full table mat, the 600 ml version doesn’t.Vaya Tyffyn 600 ml premium #lunchbox #Review Vidya Sury

However, you have the option of buying it with or without the BagMat. I recommend buying it. Besides looking great, it also plays a role in keeping the food warm and has extra space to fit your water bottle and other lunch extras. I pack an extra box of fruit.

Vaya Tyffyn 600 ml premium #lunchbox #Review Vidya Sury

For more info: refer to FAQs

What I liked about the Vaya Tyffyn 600 ml:

  • Compact size—while three’s company, two’s cosier.
  • New improved lid. The earlier version was a little difficult to open, at least for me. This one is vastly better.
  • The partitions are a great idea! When not in use, it is fun to fool everyone by placing them on the kitchen shelf and having them think two big bars of chocolate are just lying around. As if! Ha, ha! See what I mean?Vaya Tyffyn 600 ml Review Vidya Sury
  • The partitions can also be used in the 1000 ml version in the 300 ml containers to pack more variety.
  • The copper coated Tyffyn containers also make standalone snack boxes. Think nuts/fruit/snackofyourchoice. Of course, me being me, I’d worry about them getting dented because they’re so good lookin’!

Vaya Tyffyn 600 ml premium #lunchbox #Review Vidya Sury

  • Easy for kids to carry.
  • Even though I recommend buying the BagMat, I like the choice of being able to buy the Tyffyn with or without it, especially if you are price conscious.
  • My husband likes the lighter 600 ml version for his long commute to work, and also since he usually carries roti and subzi and fruit in a separate box. With the 1000 ml version even the fruit stayed warm.

Vaya Tyffyn 600 ml premium #lunchbox #Review Vidya Sury

One day I found the lunch had leaked into the BagMat—I assumed it was probably because I overpacked one container and the lid didn’t quite fit in the way it was supposed to. I wiped the BagMat down with soap and water and it was as good as new. The containers are also easy to clean and look great.

Vaya Tyffyn 600 ml premium #lunchbox #Review Vidya Sury

Occasionally, no harm in using the BagMat to carry your laptop or documents—it is waterproof.

Of course, now that I have both the 1000 ml and 600 ml Vaya Tyffyn, I pack my own lunch in it as well. On busy days, it is so great to walk into the kitchen to see hot food, ready to eat. Good to feel I am doing my bit for the environment and my own health by cooking fresh at home and not reheating the food before I eat it.

And also, nice to have anyone walking into our kitchen and seeing the posh Vaya lunchbox and wondering, hey, what’s this?

Yes, I love the Vaya Tyffyn lunch boxes! Smart, sleek, easy to use and maintain and keep food tasting good!

With a fresh new academic year/financial year around the corner, the Vaya Tyffyn makes a wonderful gift idea too.

You can covet and buy the Vaya Tyffyn here with or without the BagMat Priced at Rs.1790/-  without the BagMat and Rs.2290/- with the BagMat. I say go for the BagMat.

Vaya Tyffyn 600 ml premium #lunchbox #Review Vidya Sury

Comes in three variants like the 1000 ml version: graphite, maple, and wool, with one year warranty, with free shipping, ships globally.

I thank Vaya Tyffyn for sending me one 600 ml Vaya Tyffyn lunch box for review.

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Vasantha Vivek March 31, 2017 at 4:22 pm

Loved the honest review, Vidya !!! Can not wait for ordering one for me !!!
Vasantha Vivek recently posted…Personified Wisdom And The Strength Of Motherhood

Rachna March 31, 2017 at 4:34 pm

I loved the 600 ml. Vaya too with all its changes. The elder son was asked Happy carrying it to school though I had to give him an extra tiffin for his short break. I think it is perfect for the younger son. Nice review, Vidya. I laughed seeing the positions propped up as chocolate bars.?

Rajlakshmi March 31, 2017 at 5:58 pm

It looks so sleek and pretty. I love how lunch boxes have become so stylish. Wish they were like this when I was going to school. And it accommodates so much food too 😀

Parul Thakur March 31, 2017 at 9:43 pm

This looks great. And not reheating the food is a good thing. I pack my lunch at 9 and eat at 12:30. Perfect for me,Isn’t it 🙂 I like the mat too.


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