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ZEE5 Eduauraa: Premier Digital Learning Platform – a review

by Vidya Sury October 19, 2020 1 comment
EDUAURAA premier digital learning platform a review

This is a review of Zee5 Eduauraa Premier Digital Learning Platform.

If there is one gift parents can give their child, it is the gift of education, because good quality education is the foundation for a bright future. Indeed, knowledge is power; it empowers the learner to constantly improve themselves and sets them up for success.

Education has come such a long way. Before the internet, besides the structured learning at school, the only other resource we had was the library when we needed more information or for those who could afford it, private tuitions. Fast forward to the present, and we have personalized e-learning on-the-go, available to supplement and enhance the knowledge gained at school.

Students can confidently self-study, with access to resources such as study-material, practice tests, quizzes, with the best experienced on desktop and laptop and so on. This is especially valuable as we fight the current pandemic.

Why is high quality education important for your child?

Every child deserves equal opportunity to learn, excel and grow and as Zee aptly puts it, education is no longer a privilege, it is a right. High quality education enables a child to develop her talents and skills to the fullest extent by providing her with the necessary resources for success in life.

In today’s scenario, education is expensive. In addition, to help their children prepare for the competitive exams, parents send them for extra tuition and coaching classes. But in spite of spending a major part of their earnings, they have no control over the quality of education their child has access to. And most E-learning platforms are no less expensive.

Yet, with social distancing regulations in place, 2020 seems like the year of “edtech”. Most educational institutions have taken their courses online and the behavioral shifts in education to online classes is here to stay.

In this context, I reviewed Eduauraa: a premier digital learning platform in partnership with Zee, launched last month, which aims to combine quality education with technology and make education as affordable, standardized and accessible as entertainment.

Education is now available with ZEE5 Premium’s limited time offer valid till 31 Oct 2020. Which means an annual ZEE5 subscription gets you get premium educational content as well as entertainment.

My parameters for review

  • How is the quality of the content?
  • Is the learning fun and interactive?
  • Will it help students prepare for the 10th and 12th class board examinations and other competitive exams (JEE, NEET, IAS etc.)
  • Are adequate resources provided in terms of notes, quizzes, test papers, practice papers?
  • Is there access to mentors for one-on-one discussion?
  • Is it affordable?

To get a feel of the platform, I signed up for a guest account at Eduauraa and explored its features. I also installed the app on my phone to get the on-the-go experience.

Eduauraa app settings

Both app and website are easy to navigate and well laid out. The content is available in English and Hindi. This is a great idea as it will transcend the language barrier in the country’s northern area.

The platform uses visual learning with animated videos and stories to explain concepts to make learning enjoyable.

Eduauraa features

Via my dashboard I could access four subjects for classes 6-10 – Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Math – other subjects will be available soon. Based on my choice of class across nine education boards, I viewed some videos—the language was simple and easy to follow.

Eduauraa teacher

That’s Neera Thahilaramaney, teaching Chemistry

The interactive video lectures are for ICSE, CBSE, and the state boards of Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Tamil Nadu. The focus is on STEM subjects, and the content currently caters to Classes 6-10. Lessons in History, Geography, Economics, and Civics are also in the works. Besides the school syllabus, the ad-free platform also offers a range of value-added services (VAS) which includes e-books, test papers, mind maps, MCQs, past papers, and practice material. The e-books were quite good, incorporating the salient points of topics covered with questions for revision to reinforce the learning.

Eduauraa value added services

Additional features include Eduauraa Proficiency Quotient (to analyse learning progress) and Eduauraa Assistant (to track and schedule studying).

Eduauraa EPQ

How will students benefit by e-learning with Eduauraa?

  • Personalized e-Learning: the teachers are industry legends, passionate about teaching.

Some of Eduauraa’s amazing teachers include Neera Tahilramaney who holds an MSc and a PhD in Organic Chemistry. Rinki Shah has an M.Sc, B.Ed, PGDGC and is also a specialist in NEET. Known for working magic with numbers, Nabanita Ghosh has an M.Sc Mathematics. Often seen making science interesting, Sunil Kumar Vishwakarma holds an M.Sc, B.ed Experience in NEET Biology.

  • There are chapter-wise Test papers based on board-approved syllabus, along with practice tests and quiz to help the learner self-evaluate and accelerate learning
  • Quality check of the content is done by a team of teachers from India’s top schools.
  • The learning is online – making it convenient, flexible and with the affordable pricing, easy on the pocket.

As mentioned earlier, the behavioral shift in the parents’ mindset towards online learning makes Eduauraa well-placed to experience the above benefits.

The learning is fun and interactive

The video-based learning with motion graphics and animations help drive home the learning concept. The mind maps for the subjects visually represent an outline of the topics, helping the student organize and understand information faster, better. The e-books reinforce learning with questions and notes.

Eduauraa review

Preparing for the board exams just got easier

Board exams are quite stressful–right from the beginning of that school year—for the student as well as the parent. There is the scramble to get hold of old exam papers, take mock tests, last-minute coaching and hoping for that great score, which is the stepping stone to higher things.

With online learning being the future of education and many exams being computer-based and online, e-learning is the perfect study option for anyone taking the board exams.

Eduauraa provides the past 10 years’ board-wise solved question papers for nine boards, for structured preparation. Mock tests help the student’s chances of performing better at the boards.

But it isn’t an isolated process as there are mentors to guide and support the student through their learning. The Eduauraa Assistant helps schedule these learning and interaction sessions. Students can also enjoy the virtual classroom experience with other students.

Best of all, students have the flexibility to plan their learning as per their convenience, since the online material is accessible 24 x 7. No worrying about commuting to a class far away and no stress for parents having to ferry their children to and from distant locations!

Visit the website and browse around. Check out the detailed FAQ section on their website for more information.

E-learning is well on its way to becoming the preferred educational method of the future. I am personally all for it, as the need of the hour is to stay home and stay safe. Also, I am liking the affordability of the whole experience. Right now, Eduauraa is offering a great introductory price @ Rs.999 with 1-year Eduauraa subscription + 1-year ZEE5 subscription – in line with their goal of making education as accessible as entertainment—so take advantage of this!

For more details about the offer, visit this link.

To subscribe to ZEE5, visit this link.

EDUAURAA premier digital learning platform - a review


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