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Qigong Walking Mediation for Kids (and Grownups) #AtoZChallenge

Qigong walking meditation for kids and grownups

Qigong walking meditation is a great way to help kids–and grownups–find calm and joy. During my school days, our home would be bustling with activity. Since I grew up at my Grandmother’s place, we had lots of house guests over, visiting for the summer vacation. Every day was a festival—food, people, outings, lots of cousins in a range of age groups. Those were the days! And guess which part of our “population” needed managing? The kids. There were as many…

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Desi Toys Indian Traditional Toys

A lovely discovery: Desi Toys

I’m stuck at home for a while—sort of—thanks to my recent accident and in recovery. I tend to get a bit hyperactive when I am not feeling 100% and drive everyone around me nuts. So—thinking that it is better…