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#AtoZChallenge Humor Parenting


It happened in 1982. Most of you reading this were probably not even born (couldn’t resist that—what with most people addressing me as anything but Vidya these days *evil grin*) I was in the first year of college, studying…

Frenemy. Who is yours? #Relationships #AtoZChallenge #parenting #friendships
#AtoZChallenge Parenting Relationships


I first heard the word frenemy three decades ago. I thought the teenager who used it had made it up, and thought it was quite clever, as it made so much sense. But no—it has been used as far…

How to limit screen time for kids #parenting #kidshealth #screentime

6 Easy Ways to Limit Screen Time for Kids

On a typical day, kids in the age group of 8-18 years enjoy at least 5 hours of screen time, sometimes more. Okay, usually more! Today, if we Google “kids screen time” there are hundreds of expert articles about…