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First birthday invites your guests will love

by Vidya Sury February 24, 2022 0 comment
First birthday invites your guests will love

Time flies when you have a baby and before you know it, it is time to make those first birthday invites!

After you have spent so much of your time designing the perfect baby arrival announcements you want a break from doing something similar. Your baby’s arrival keeps you busy and keeps you going.

If you count all those sleepless nights and anxious mornings, spending time with your baby and consuming their laughter as they grow up makes this journey incredibly beautiful.

If you are a new parent then every little thing that your child does is going to be special and you will count on it to make your life even better than it already is. Parents usually tend to keep a baby record book in which they track everything down. From pictures to first words and height of the baby. I know we did!

You cannot sense time flying by and your baby starts to grow up and it is almost time for their first birthday invites. Approximately more than half of the population of the world loves to celebrate the first birthday of their child with great enthusiasm. And if you are also planning to celebrate your child’s first birthday you will have to start making an invitation card for that.

The birthday party is going to be big and better if close family and friends are present there. To snuggle up to all the love and joy you will have to make this event special in a way that will fill the heart of your child when they grow up and look back at this specific memory.

Designing the first birthday invites yourself  

As a parent, you are aware of your child’s preferences by now. What colors they like and what animals fascinate them or what cartoons they love to watch. You can use all these things to create a theme for the birthday party.

Once you have a theme in your mind it will be easier for you to design the invitation card as you will know which colors to play with and which characters to use. For our son’s first birthday, we made invitations that were fun cutouts of his favorite animals and had colorful envelopes to go with them.

There are some specific details that go into making first birthday invites. You have to start by choosing the date, time, and location for the birthday party. This will give the guests a clear idea as to when the birthday party is going to take place. You will have to choose a time that depends on the mood of the baby as they intend to get crabby and cranky when they are sleepy.

More details on the birthday card

Following the date and time of the birthday party, there are other small details and information that you will need to include on the card. You could make it sound like the baby is inviting you to the party or you could just write your name with your partners and send out the invites.

Moving on . . .

You have to keep in mind how many people you will be inviting to the birthday so that you know how many invitation cards to print. Also, you don’t want to overburden yourself by inviting too many people.

I recall during my son’s birthday party, we expected around 40 people, but finally around a hundred turned up! Fortunately, we had gone overboard on preparing the snacks and other things and were able to manage quite well and make it memorable.

Back to the invite, the first birthday invitation wording is an important aspect. You have to choose the right words that will spread the excitement to those people who receive the card. While working on your creative side you can also personalize the card and make it special by adding an exclusive picture of your baby. Not only will it be a lovely keepsake but will also serve as a reminder to your invitees so they don’t miss this big event in your baby’s life.

First birthday invites your guests will love

First birthdays are more special for the parents than they are for the child. The best part is when the parents are able to reminisce with their child, describing how they carefully planned every detail for their little bundle of joy’s special day.

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