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A Mom’s Awakening

And then one day Mom just woke up

This week, I want to share a lovely little story about a mom’s awakening. I wanted to write about a wonderful meditation practice this week for Wednesday Wisdom and I had almost finished writing it up. Just then, one of my classmates posted this story in our group. I read it once and then, I read it again. What a great way to deliver so many life lessons in a simple way! Pretty sure you will enjoy it too. Read…

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My Mother and I #AtoZChallenge #Relationships #Mom
Relationships #AtoZChallenge

My Mom and I

Dear Mi, When I think back to the times we spent together, I can’t help but smile and occasionally burst into laughter. Your sense of humor was so very charming and you always believed laughter was the best medicine.…

While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about. A letter to my son on his birthday. #parenting #beingmom

A Letter to My Son

Dear Son, Happy birthday! This morning, after I had my coffee, I sat down to work as usual, to catch that precious morning hour. But somehow, I could not concentrate. My eyes kept wandering to the clock, and the…