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Echoes of Love – A Poem

by Vidya Sury April 12, 2024 0 comment
Echoes of love woman, book, cup

Echoes of Love – a poem

Neatly folded clothes
waiting to be put away
in a closet filled with nostalgia

Memories unfold
as I unravel my mother’s saree
that still seems to hold her fragrance

Mixed with Champa* flowers
that she loved to tuck under her pillow
within pages of her books, on her shelf

A potpourri of love
ever fresh, forever there
reassuring, grounding

Reminders of shared coffee
whispered conversations
laughter unbridled

Her warm hugs
hand squeezes, her smiles
have kept me going

Moments I can’t talk about
secret fears I hold inside
when unshed tears threaten to escape

Her diary, her precious words
fill my being
give me strengthechoes of love books, coffee cup, digital art

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