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Crockery, Cooking and Conversations with Myself

by Vidya Sury August 23, 2023 1 comment
Crockery, cooking and conversations with myself

Sometimes it feels good to free write and reflect. Today’s conversation with myself is about crockery, cooking, and purging.

With a significant birthday around the corner, I am in the process of sorting through stuff to donate/recycle/reuse.

I found things that I have not even looked at for quite some time, tucked away, neatly packed for special occasions. And I was sad to see them waiting, languishing. The funny thing is, I am not even sure if I will ever get around to using them.

Growing up in a thrifty family, we tended to preserve as many things as possible thinking, we might need this. During that time, unlike now, even a plastic bag was at a premium. Any bag we got was carefully folded and kept for future use.

When we set out to the market, we carried our own bags. Grocers packed groceries in paper cones or brown paper bags. All recyclable. We returned home and emptied these into the appropriate steel containers. As a result, we did not generate a lot of trash because everything was used up.

As time went by, we started being tempted by “free” reusable containers and other freebies that came with the products we bought. Initially exciting. But over time, a burden. What to do with so many things?

I recall how I once collected two dozen mugs thanks to a health drink. Then there were the exam pads, water bottles and other schoolkid stuff that brands used to tempt parents. And if we took our little ones along shopping, don’t ask. We’d end up spending Rs.300 for a Rs.15 value freebie.

Things are worse/better now—depending on how you look at it.

I am no longer enamored with the free stuff

While sorting through the hoarded stuff (yes, I admit it), I found cartons where I had neatly stacked containers by size. Bottles. Mugs. Toys. Lunchboxes. Waterbottles.

Oddly enough, my son never used any of the freebies. He always carried a steel lunchbox to school along with a reusable water bottle.

Still amused, I disposed of all these “collections”. And I am so happy to see the joy with which they have been received.

What an easy way to collect smiles!

I need to do the same with our closets.

By this year’s end, I am hoping to dispose of all the “extras” and only keep things that I truly want.

The feeling is quite liberating

I am always amused that the urge to purge usually comes stronger after a trip. Travel indeed broadens the mind. And if we can easily live out of a suitcase for a week, why not minimize at home in our regular lives, too?

Easier said than done, though. As soon as we return home, we tend to settle back into the same old routine. Change seems too difficult. And the good intentions waver and fade.

Not this time, I tell myself. Not this time.

A major milestone is coming up this September—my birthday and it is time I followed through on my intention of minimizing.

The conversation turns to cooking and crockery

In the meantime, I am excited to have dusted off three things I bought some time back from Nestasia. Their products are beautiful and aesthetically appealing. They have a wide range of selections in various categories including dining, kitchen, decor, soft furnishing, bath, stationery, and more. Oh, there are also bags and accessories. If you are looking for great deals, you can simply head to the sale section. I loved browsing their products–visually pleasing and elegant.

And well, they had a sale. Sigh.

One is a lovely dark green bowl that I used yesterday to make lasagne. My son loves this.

vegetarian Lasagne by vidya sury- conversation with myself

That lasagne is vegetarian and without lasagne sheets. The recipe is on my food blog. I remember the first time I tried making this—I had heard and read so much. Turned out to be the simplest recipe—and involves layering veggies, sauce, cheese, and lasagne sheets. Good news? You can sub the lasagne sheets for several healthier options!

I also bought a grey bowl with a lid and a cast iron tava. The tava is much larger than I expected. Looking forward to using it soon, considering that I make rotis or parathas or dosas almost every day. I’ll share photos when I start using them.

What interesting things are happening with you? ♥

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Amy August 24, 2023 at 11:29 am

Thank you for sharing such a heartfelt reflection on the simple joys and challenges of life’s possessions. It’s amazing how everyday objects can carry so many memories and emotions. Your piece resonated with me, reminding us all to cherish what we have and also to let go when needed. Happy decluttering and early birthday wishes! 💐🍽🎂
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