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Eat Pray Love is My Mantra As I Find Motivation To Purge

by Vidya Sury August 26, 2015 8 comments
eat pray love vidya sury

My theme has been to eat pray love for the past few months even as we scrambled to get various things done.

Last year I had pledged to keep purging until I had completely decluttered by giving, donating, or discarding the extra stuff we’ve accumulated. I set myself deadlines and even though I was inching towards my goal, the road seemed to get longer and longer. Why? Because we did not stop living. Also, other things took priority and if I am good at one thing, it is being flexible.

But now, the urge to purge has become really strong and thanks to my son’s power to play project, I took off with enthusiasm. As I miss my son, I really miss having my Mom around, too. We loved to change things around the house often and at this point, I feel almost guilty about not doing anything major over the past three years. I yearn to try all my DIY projects and figured I’d first revamp various areas at home that my son and I had planned.

Time to go beyond my eat pray love mantra

As I went from room to room.

I made lists and jotted down ideas.

Finally, I decided to start with the kitchen, one of my favorite rooms in the house. This means I have to work in tandem with our little prayer room that doubles up as a store room. The last time I contemplated repainting the kitchen, I had a nasty fall from a stool while reaching out for something that was just out of reach in the attic and ended up placing my foot where there was space, not the stool. This time I intended to be cool and calm, yes.

My list for the kitchen looked something like this:

  • Take stock of provisions – big step. I realized I had to store all those items I used exclusively for my son and give away things I wouldn’t be able to use before he came home for the holidays. Who knew this would be such a big job!
  • Pack off extra utensils – with just my husband and me at home, I figured we’d need a lot less than we were using, what with the fun element temporarily away.
  • Collect and give away all the extra containers. We’ve tried to opt for refill packs as much as we could, but for regular things, the larger pack which comes in a container costs less. Thus the accumulation of extra storage containers.
  • Reorganize the provision shelf by downsizing containers.

By the time I reached this stage in my list, I realized that I may as well revamp the kitchen – repaint it and give it a new look.

Google beckoned and I looked around various sites. I fantasized about these kitchen ideas and designs. There were over a hundred pages of them.

A few hours later, I felt armed and ready to DIY.

It will be at least a week before I repaint because I want to make sure I only keep what I need and not just shuffle things around. As I am busily also going through the store room, collecting the giveaways in a large carton, I am also organizing the room, and grouping things together. It is funny how this tiny room is a favorite in our house.

Somehow, it is the go-to place for those things we’re not sure where to keep but consider valuable. So it is an assortment of things and very very interesting. My son used to love the room when he was little and I laugh to think of all the mischief he would get up to in this little space.

My goal is to transform the house before my son comes home for the holidays. Yes, I need a big project to keep me busy because I miss him so much. My heart warms over when I think of us happily settled in our favorite spots, making plans with some spring cleaning in the works every time he had a few days off from school. I will miss that very much. Thank heavens there are cell phones and Skype!

In the meantime, I will eat pray love. Sometimes that’s all we can do.

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Darla M Sands August 27, 2015 at 10:03 pm

Good for you! I need to declutter my basement. There is so much unused potential down there for a prayer/meditation spot. You inspire me.
Darla M Sands recently posted…The Darker Side of Chalk Pastels

Darla M Sands August 27, 2015 at 11:06 pm

P.S. I’ve been a stinker and nominated you for a photo blog hop called Eight Photos of Happiness. You can find information on my post at darlamsands dot blogspot dot com/2015/08/eight-photos-of-happiness and I hope you’ll join in the fun!
Darla M Sands recently posted…The Darker Side of Chalk Pastels

Vidya Sury August 28, 2015 at 2:08 pm

Naah. You’ve been a total sweety! 🙂 I am delighted to participate! Love you, Darla!
Vidya Sury recently posted…Eat. Pray. Love.

Birgit August 28, 2015 at 6:49 am

It must be so difficult right now without your son near you but glad you are keeping so busy! You are really moving and grooving. I got rid of a few (very few) pieces and plan to do more but it is hard to say the least. Can’t wait to see the kitchen redo. Oh how I wish for such a big kitchen like in those photos
Birgit recently posted…Thursday Movie Picks-Step-Families

Vidya Sury August 29, 2015 at 7:26 pm

I’ve gotten into purging in a big way now, Birgit. Suddenly I am seeing things in a different perspective. Yes, it is painful to let go of some things, but I am taking my own advice- taking photos that will be just as fulfilling to see as the real thing.

After I looked at those kitchen photos, I actually contemplated converting one of our rooms into a large kitchen, but realized it would be far wiser to work with what I have. I am going to focus on making bookshelves instead to store my son’s mammoth collection. 🙂 Hugs!
Vidya Sury recently posted…The Power To Play

My Inner Chick August 28, 2015 at 8:19 pm

—–You had me on
Eat Pray Love, darling Vidya!

Love you more than the fluffy cat I see in the picture window
on my morning walks.

My Inner Chick recently posted…Why Should We Care About The Mutilation Of A Lion?

Vidya Sury August 28, 2015 at 11:05 pm

Hugs, Kim! It is my mantra now! I love you more!
Vidya Sury recently posted…Happiness Happens #Gratitude

simple girl August 31, 2015 at 11:42 am

eat pray love is what we must all do..

waiting to read more of changes you make .. 🙂


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