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    zen vidya sury

    Dear Vidur, As we walk around heaven on earth, I am happy to share the wonderfully wise words of The Dalai Lama with  you today. It is called the A to Zen of life. What a fitting way to wrap up this series of letters to you! Thank you for reading and appreciating them! The A to Zen of Life Avoid negative sources, people, places and habits Believe in yourself Consider things from every angle Don’t give up and don’t…

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  • you vidya sury
    Self Love


    Dear Vidur, Today, I want to focus on You. I want you to promise me that you’ll extend yourself the same love and courtesy you have for others. Self love is…

  • write vidya sury
    Writing Tips


    Dear Vidur, As I watch you busily writing in your diary about today’s experiences, I feel a sense of pride. I recall how I did that after every trip during my…

  • volunteer vidya sury


    Dear Vidur, Nothing brings more joy than to brighten someone’s life with kindness. It doesn’t always require money to do something for someone. Time, love and a listening ear work just…

  • unwind vidya sury
    Mindful Living


    Dear Vidur, As we approach the end of the week, my word for you today is “unwind“. Busy is a good thing to be, but it is also equally important to…

  • thank vidya sury


    Dear Vidur, “Thank you” is one of the phrases I hear you saying most often and I admit, there was a time when I wondered – was it really necessary? After…

  • Smile Vidya Sury


    Dear Vidur, One of my bosses always loved to say “Smile, it improves your face value” before we started our day at work. We used to laugh at what he said,…