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Building Healthy Boundaries – A Step by Step Guide #AtoZChallenge #Selfhelp

Building healthy boundaries a step by step guide

We know that building healthy boundaries is a crucial ingredient of a happy and fulfilling life. But . . . Are there days when you feel as if you are here in this world to only satisfy others’ needs, while shoving yours away? Do you suffer physically, mentally and emotionally because of this? I know I have. It is a sign that you need to build or strengthen your boundaries to protect your feelings, happiness and overall mental state. And…

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The perfect friendship

The Perfect Friendship

Is there such a thing as a perfect friendship? I’d say yes, since I am blessed with more than a few. During our recent trip to Chail, we spent quite some time exploring the grounds of the Palace, which…

The BFF trees The other side

The BFF Trees #ThursdayTreeLove

Can trees be BFFs? Yes! I love gardens. I love trees. I love spending time outdoors. And yes, occasionally i enjoy playing hooky at work. Every time we have a guest, one of the places I like to take…

STOP. Just breathe. Hugger Tree. #Trees #Nature #ForestBathing

Hugger Tree #ThursdayTreeLove

Stand tall and proud, Go out on a limb, Remember your roots, Drink plenty of water, Be content with your natural beauty, and enjoy the view. So many lessons to learn from trees, eh? And what excellent advice. Here…