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Top 5 rules for mothers – worth making it your manifesto

by Vidya Sury May 13, 2024 0 comment
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No time like Mother’s day to look at some gentle rules for mothers – go ahead and make it your manifesto.

It is a fact that motherhood will always be challenging. We will make mistakes. But when we pause for a moment, put the world’s demands on hold, and recognize that our precious child is our most important and sacred responsibility, there’s a beautiful connection and we derive strength from it.

We need to believe that as moms, we have everything it takes. We are our child’s strongest advocates and the only one qualified to fill that role. Regardless of the challenges our children will face in life, as moms, we need to believe we’ve been divinely equipped with everything we need to help our children navigate those obstacles and thrive.

To all the mothers, know that you are a queen!

I received the following health freedom rules by Kristi from Leah’s newsletter and would like to share them with you as they resonate with me deeply. Leah runs a nonprofit dedicated to protecting basic human rights, whose mission is to educate people and equip them with the tools to educate their lawmakers.

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Top 5 rules for mothers

You know your child best. Period. End of story.

That means you know them better than any doctor, therapist, or specialist who may spend only a few minutes with your child. You’ve spent months and years caring for them. You know them intimately; do not be afraid to be confident in that fact.

If something feels wrong to you regarding your child, something probably is wrong.

If you voice concerns and are repeatedly told you’re just worrying too much or have ”first-time mom” syndrome, seek a second opinion and talk with other parents. If your healthcare provider is not committed to an improved quality of life for your little bundle of joy (and for you), it’s time to look elsewhere.

Ask other parents for recommendations. Continue seeking the right fit until you find the team that can help you navigate your way to a healthier child. Do not squelch your concerns until you’ve dug deeper.

Use technology to your advantage.

You have the power of information at your fingertips. Use it! That may mean looking up medical journals on PubMed and Greenmedinfo. Even if you must search every word you do not understand, it will be well worth your time. Connecting with other parents via Facebook, Twitter, and local support groups to compare notes and share advice can be truly helpful.

In today’s world, we have no excuse to be uninformed. This goes for all aspects of parenting, from the food we put in our baby’s mouths to the chemicals we bathe them in, rub on them and allow them to be injected with.

Every medical intervention, procedure, pharmaceutical, and injection has a risk, which varies from child to child and person to person.

Do not let anyone convince you that “perfectly safe” and “no harm” are possible in the world of medical science. They are not. Read the fine print, including the package inserts on all treatments and preventatives, and make an informed decision for your child after you have done your own research.

Listen to and trust your instincts above all else.

Your mommy gut, inner voice, instinct, Holy Spirit, whatever you want to call it, is there for a reason. I believe this is one reason we have nine months of pregnancy: to hone in on our “inner voice” literally — the little life growing within us. So once the baby arrives, keep this connection. And whenever you sense that feeling in your stomach that something just isn’t ok, listen to it. It comes from a place deep inside you where your child once lived.

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