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Healthy Kids, Healthy Nation – A look at Nestlé Healthy Kids commitment to care

Nestle Healthy Kids Program 1

Nestlé Healthy Kids Program is focused on Healthy Kids, Healthy Nation! If there’s one thing that makes a brand really attractive, besides its quality products, it is the brand’s sense of social responsibility and commitment to giving back to society. I was thrilled to hear about Nestlé’s Healthy Kids Program that has been active for over a decade now. Did you know? According to the latest research (pdf, 7Mb), 49 million children under the age of 5 are wasted (low weight…

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Vidya Sury Aham Bhumika
Social causes

Will You Help

I must have been almost two years old when my Mother and I were hurriedly shuffled to the railway station at Delhi and put on the train heading to Mumbai. It was a two night journey. All we had…

No one ever became poor from giving. It is International Day of Charity. Give! Vidya Sury.
Social causes

Give and Grow Rich #CharityDay

I believe that each day is an opportunity to do something good and help someone who is less advantaged than I am. Today, the UN has designated September 5, as International Day of Charity to commemorate the anniversary of…

feed a child vidya sury
Social causes

Feed A Child Today #BlogToFeedAChild

Hunger is a terrible thing, especially for children. Besides depriving them of the nutrition they need to grow up healthy and perform well in everything they do – academics, sports and other life activities, it causes emotional damage. scarring…