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Ants in my pans #WednesdayWisdom

Ants in my pans #WednesdayWisdom

I am down with the ‘flu since the last three days. Right now my husband is yelling at me to get off the computer, and I say, please, just two minutes. Apologies for being a day late with the Wednesday Wisdom, but hey, wisdom any day of the week works, right? So I’ll keep this really short today. I can, you know! This story is about my Mom. Today, 8 Feb, marks 8 years of her passing away. The pain…

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Vidya Sury Colgate Magical Stories Buried Treasure (4)

Buried Treasure

The power of play is a child’s basic right. I am a firm believer of more outdoors, interaction with people and doing things than spending time looking at a screen or fiddling with a device. Isn’t it great for children to play…

smile vidya sury

What Made You Smile Recently?

What made you smile this week? That question is powerful, you know. I always find that even if I’ve had a so-so week, it makes me think of all the good parts – the happiness hotspots. I’ve been struggling…

say a little prayer ganesha

No Entry For Obstacles

And that’s what the deity Ganesha is all about.  He is the remover of obstacles, which is why all prayer beings with an invocation to him. Yesterday we celebrated “Ganesh Chaturthi” where we wished the Lord Ganesha a very…

Life of Buddha in pictures #story #buddha

The Life of Buddha – Story In Pictures

I love my country. I enjoy travel. I dream of visiting all the places I read about. There’s something about seeing new places and people that opens up a new perspective in our minds. The differences, the sameness, the…