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The Artless Con-noisseur – A Skit by Vidur Sury

vidur sury skit

Let’s welcome Vidur Sury back here. He graciously agreed to guest post for me and I am pleased to say it is an enjoyable skit he wrote for a school program. Vidur Sury is my son and has graced this blog earlier with  book reviews and a couple of posts (here and here). He’s currently in Grade 12 and pretty busy with school work and his other hobbies which encompass a keen interest in mythology, folk tales, culture, tradition and…

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Iconography in Hinduism om
Incredible India The Red Carpet

Iconography In Hinduism

The prompt “People” opened up so many possibilities for posts that I ended up writing six semi-drafts. In typical style, I was in a dilemma over which one to finish when I saw something that took my breath away.…