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15 years blogging and Smiles to go before I sleep

15 years blogging and smiles to go before I sleep #blogging #smiles

So many things happening over the past week. The Dalai Lama turned 83 This blog turned 15 My health blog turned 10 From the time I began my career, July has always been a significant month– new job, major life changes. I brainstormed with myself over what to write, mainly because I haven’t really written anniversary posts–except last year. Somehow 14 seemed significant and I wrote: 14 Cherished Gifts from 14 Years of Blogging 14 cherished gifts from 14 years…

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New series "Free the writer within" How to Write Faster: 12 Unusual Productivity Hacks
Writing Tips

How to Write Faster: 12 Unusual Productivity Hacks

I consider myself fortunate to be connected with some of the best writers out there, and always have an unlimited source of motivation. So I decided, every alternate Saturday, starting today, I will post something about writing: writing tips, inspiring…

The most important things is to enjoy yourself and have a good time Reflections AtoZChallenge Vidya Sury

Reflections April #AtoZChallenge 2017

As per tradition, after the month long A to Z Challenge where the participant posts on her blog every day, taking only the Sabbath off, comes the reflections post chatting about the experience, the good, the what-could-be-better, and son on. I…

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Writing Tips


Dear Vidur, As I watch you busily writing in your diary about today’s experiences, I feel a sense of pride. I recall how I did that after every trip during my childhood. Your Grandma always encouraged me to write…

what if vidya sury
Mindful Living Happiness

What If

Questions rule my life. I thought I’d answer a how-to question and sifted through various things in my head as I made my coffee this morning. And then, pat came the question “If I weren’t a blogger or a…