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Mindful Living Self Love Wednesday Wisdom

4 Steps To Happiness

four steps to happiness celebrate yourself

Here’s a poem (author unknown) that simply and beautifully describes the four steps to happiness. More than that, it emphasizes the fact that each one of is unique and we should celebrate our uniqueness. I had come across this a long time ago in a book and saved it. While going through my stuff, I came across it again and felt as inspired as I did the first time I read it. Enjoy! 4 Steps to happiness Everybody Knows: You…

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The Stone-cutter
Mindful Living Wednesday Wisdom

The Stone Cutter

Once upon a time (yes!) there was a stone cutter. He found his life monotonous and was unhappy with his routine. As he returned home from work one day, he passed a rich man’s house. The gate was open…

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Book Review


Dear Vidur, As long as we live, we learn. And it is a good thing too, isn’t it? Life would be boring if learning had to stop. I am always amazed how we’re exposed to something new almost every…