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by Vidya Sury November 22, 2007 1 comment

Been quite caught up with this subject of late. Everyone is talking about it. So I decided to do a bit of browsing around. Not that I hadn’t heard of it before (duh) but didn’t really research it either. It was one of those ‘i have a positive feeling about it and will learn it one of these days’ kind of things. Well, the information I found on the Net (amen!) freaked me. Different types of Meditation, Different Methods, Osho, Chakra, Chinese, Transcendental Meditation – my head’s reeling. OK – so I have decided to learn. 🙂

Here’s a recap of Ten Benefits (due credit to someone – who send me a nice newsletter right to my mailbox)

Ten Reasons Why You Should Learn To Meditate
  1. It’s enjoyable. Most people feel peaceful and relaxed during meditation. After meditating, you will feel calmer, more tranquil and have a greater sense of well-being.

  2. You get benefits quickly. You’ll begin to notice positive benefits within the first few days or weeks. And the benefits add up as the time goes by.

  3. Clearer thinking. Develop your full mental potential, improve your memory, enhance creativity and sharpen your intellect.

  4. Better Health. Become more rested and relaxed, increase immunity to disease, reverse the effects of aging, and enjoy greater energy and vitality.

  5. More Fulfilling Relationships. Enjoy closer friendships, increased calmness, more self-confidence, and less anxiety and stress.

  6. A Peaceful World. Contribute your share to world peace by reducing your own stress level and radiating an influence of harmony to your surroundings.

  7. Personal Growth. Experience Transcendental Consciousness at the quietest level of your mind, and grow toward higher states of consciousness—enlightenment.

  8. Success without stress. Do less and accomplish more in your professional life by increasing your creativity and effectiveness.

  9. Increased concentration. Your ability to focus and concentrate will improve and this will have a positive impact on your aptitude for studying and learning new material.

  10. Transformation. Choose what you want to be, and begin to achieve it with the regular practice of meditation.

Nice, eh? Enjoy.

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Gauri Gharpure December 6, 2007 at 6:05 am

yeah, ve seen many people lose a lot of weight coz of meditation, simple breathing exercises and asanas 15 minutes a day!!


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