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Taking A Mental Vacation!

by Vidya Sury December 23, 2009 2 comments

Of late, I’ve gotten into the habit of feeling a teeny bit envious of people who keep talking about going on vacation during the weekend or during – well – vacation time. It has been a while since we went out anywhere – because of our domestic situation.

My mom’s been sick for a long time, and since the last three months, she has been advised complete bed-rest to heal her back (spinal tb) and I have been taking care of her. Naturally, there’s barely any time to even sit some days, leave alone even fantasize about a vacation. It seems like the high point of my social activity is visiting the supermarket nearby…

Of course, I’ve had a lot of people alternately sympathizing, consoling, being indifferent, or ignoring ~ and I must admit, it has gotten me slightly depressed at times. All because I always seem to have loads to do, and never enough time. The mental and physical juggling is taking its toll – and I was wondering just how to cool off. Thinking about my blog made me feel a little worse, when I realized I could solve this by simply posting – because the infrequency of writing made me feel bad. That’s when I suddenly thought about a ‘mental’ vacation. Ultimately, it is in my hands to  make myself feel better.

Reading some of my favorite blogs usually does the trick – that is, if I get around to doing it. I barely see any friends online either, to chat with, since I don’t spend much time actually sitting at my PC even though am always online.

Believe me, all my little stresses have been freaking me out and adding up – snowballing in a way that I thought was impossible to cope with! So I came up with the idea of a “mental vacation”  – and I don’t have to go anywhere to do this. You might find these work for you, too:

1. Settling into bed and reading a book. Great way to escape stress – and feel not only relaxed and happy, but also cozy and comfortable. Getting engrossed in a book is a wonderful way to forget your worries and refocus.

2. Sitting, closing my eyes and visualizing something that totally relaxes me – I love to think of the warm sun on my skin, the sound of the waves, a hill top cabin with a stream tinkling by with wild flowers for as far as I can see, combined with birdsong. I like to think of specific times when I felt particularly relaxed, and feel the tension leaving me.

3. Looking at my cache of photo albums – this is one of my favorites! I really enjoy going back in time to some amazing moments – reflecting, reliving, reminiscing, relaxing! It’s fun!

4. Gazing out of the window – although I live in an apartment building, I do have a longish verandah from which I can watch pesky pigeons, traffic on the road with a little effort and hear voices from other flats. Believe me – I find it quite therapeutic to watch without being involved, day dreaming a little bit, holding a cup of coffee, smelling the soap off the clothes drying, looking up and watching the clouds drifting by…

5. Listening to music – have a few compilations – some upbeat, some slow, some to listen to with Vidur… Love to sing along with some and that’s a great feeling.

6. Taking a walk – even if it is to the nearby store. Our area is quite nice to walk in and I enjoy it. Nice mental escape.

7. A long bath – bliss.

All it takes is five or ten minutes in the morning or evening. The thing is to make the time to do at least one or two of these things. After all, stress is a part of life, and when it gets too much – why pay the price with health? Am not saying no to a day at the beach or a long massage – but hey, these are easy ways to unwind – with great benefits!

If you can suggest some more easy stress relievers – do let me know.

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Amrut G December 23, 2009 at 5:19 pm

I want a mental vacation too 🙂

kallu December 27, 2009 at 4:47 am

I really can’t suggest anything more which would be really useful; but I do like your positive attitude in the face of so much stress


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