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Kitchen Remedies for Aches and Pain

Nine kitchen remedies for aches and pains #homeremedies #kitchen #herbs #wellness #tips #atozchallenge

As a child of the sixties and growing up with my Grandmother, I believed she could work miracles. And over the years, I learned that she indeed could. Whenever someone in the family had a tummy ache or any kind of pain, she’d simply walk into the kitchen for the perfect remedy, or to our garden where we grew vegetables and herbs. Then she’d come back with a delicious concoction. I mean, imagine whining about a stomach ache and being…

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Sometimes The Most Productive Thing You Can Do Is Relax. Zap that Zwodder. Vidya Sury
health and wellness tips

Zap That Zwodder

Okay, before you think I am slurring,  zwodder is a dialect word from Somerset and means “a drowsy and stupid state of mind”.  When that state occurs, stress isn’t far behind. With the A to Z Challenge for 2017…