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by Vidya Sury July 5, 2010 0 comment

You know what they say – Money may not buy you happiness. But at least it keeps you miserable in comfort.  That’s one side of it.

More money can seem to make life happier, but that does not mean people who do have more money enjoy it the way it’s made out to be. Most people in life would obviously opt for life’s basic comforts. Who wants to live on the pavement or go hungry or be dirty?

But cash – a recent study says – may buy some amount of satisfaction with life. It however, cannot buy enjoyment. Cash can buy security, but not happiness – is what they mean. The upshot is – joy is not for sale.

What does life’s “basic comforts” imply? For some people, this translates to a roof over their heads – whatever type of roof, but a roof nevertheless; running water (cold would do), enough food to eat. For others, it could mean air conditioning, hot towel rails and um…5-star food. It boils down to individual expectations, then.

But there are things that are the same for all. The need to be treated with respect, the need to have people around us who love us, the need to learn new things, and the desire to do what we do best. How can one put a price tag on these things?

I read some promos somewhere, long ago that went:

  • Trade smiles
  • The best blue chips you buy are the ones you dip in salsa
  • There’s no spending limit when it comes to spending time with family
  • For guaranteed return on investments, buy flowers

Nice eh?

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