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My worst enemy

by Vidya Sury September 21, 2010 0 comment

..could be me.

Or to put it another way – your worst enemy could be you!

Imagine finding out that something you do every day has caused an allergic reaction for years and years. That’s what turned out to be the case for four people who developed severe reactions from using wet wipes instead of toilet paper. So why is this important? What’s the big deal?

If you develop an allergic reaction, it is always a very good idea to check your daily routine and your daily habits. Allergies are not life-long things: they can come and go. In other words, you could suddenly develop an allergy to something such as a feather pillow, or a foodstuff you eat regularly. Allergic reactions are your body’s red alert. No wonder they can make you so miserable. If all else fails, consider having an allergy test done. It’s worth every penny.

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