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I am going to have an affair!

by Vidya Sury October 16, 2010 4 comments
i am going to have an affair vidya sury

Now this is a post I published on – August 31, 2008, but I feel like republishing it today because of a new comment. Thanks again, Gayatri.

I am going to have an affair!

I was thinking of some of my friends – and naturally went into nostalgia mode. Some of these women I’ve known for ages – so it was only natural to kind of think of them.

I’ve been busy with a lot of stuff recently – and have been doing a lot of thinking – all about better time management, better organization, and a whole lot of how to make it better stuff. This is a regular habit.

Well – so coming back to these friends – thinking of them naturally led to calling them up and chatting – and I must say that these chats were revelations.

Here are some interesting excerpts: let’s call my lovelies A, B, C, D – to do the decent thing and not name names. Of course if they do read this blog, then I have no doubt they will laugh their asses off. Until then, here we go:

A: Hey Vidz – I have always wondered – its so boring to be married to one guy. Granted that housework and stuff keep you busy. Plus if you’re juggling home plus work – then it all gets bloody tiring. At the end of the day, no matter what, I also have to be ready to seduce and make love. If the guy’s in the mood and I don’t want to, then some really ruffled feathers are guaranteed. It’s true what they say about a man’s DNA being different from the woman’s. God knows we see enough email forwards making fun of the woman’s view and the man’s view of things. On this depressing line of thought, life seems very boring. I think I need an affair!

B – Yo, am apparently successful in my work life, but I don’t always think that my life, on the whole is perfect. Probably because the routine is quite killing. No matter what, all domestic stuff is my damn responsibility; never mind that I might be dead tired and ready to kill my family at the end of the day. No wonder they say that the hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world….or it should be. I know what I am going to do – I am going to have an affair!

C – Hey, I am going crazy from 4 am in the morning. By the time am ready for bed I get the feeling I may not even wake up tomorrow. All I want to do is sleep for a few days. Gosh, I have a never ending list of stuff to do and sometimes I get so mad to think my life is just going round and round my two kids and my husband. On top of this, they want to go somewhere on holiday. How I wish I could go off on a holiday on my own. And preferably meet a tall, dark and handsome guy and have an affair!

D – eyy Vidzy. I sometimes think am drowning – what with the constant flow of guests and regular house stuff. I might as well have started a kitchen business and made some decent money. It bugs the hell out of me when my folks say – she doesn’t work. Makes me want to break a few plates. Sigh. What to do? some days I just ditch the whole thing and push off to my mom’s house. Then come back and feel guilty and get on with the show. Bah! How I wish I could have an affair.

E – Hey you know what? I met this gorgeous guy – but we’re just good friends.

F – Vidya, you know how crazy my family is – can’t move a muscle without me around. I am just sick of the routine so I recently joined up with this group of women – they are part of the temple association and we’re quite busy.

Hmmm…Life goes on – no matter what. While it is easy to give advice to someone who has a problem – ultimately it is a matter of what works for temporary happiness.

Although, I was pretty surprised at the number of friends who wished they could have an affair! That was an eye-opener all right!

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Gayatri October 16, 2010 at 3:49 am

Now, how about…? Ever run into this type?:

Hey Vidya,

So, I’m a bored housewife with three small kids and a husband who works 20 hours a day. I was slowly going crazy so I started going online just to get some ‘adult company’ during the day when my kids are napping, just to help me keep my sanity intact during those long, dark, dreary days when I seem to be doing NOTHING but cooking, cleaning, feeding, burping, cleaning up after poops and pees, etc etc etc.

So, anyway, a while ago, I met this really great guy online and we became fast friends. What this dude has in common with a 30 something bored housewife, and how he is able to be online 24/7 is beyond me, but I’m not complaining. He keeps me sane and he makes me feel like the world is not lost to me yet. We chat everyday and I really miss him on the weekends. On the weekdays when he is somehow missing, I go bat-shit crazy and send him a million offline msgs that are bound to hit him like a lorry-full of explosive missiles when he finally does get online or will drag him out into the open just in case he’s actually online but hiding from me. Man, he’s quite something, that dude. Actually makes me feel young, pretty, smart, desirable ..I wonder if he’s married, though. It’d be such a shock if he had a wife at home when he was chatting me up but …

This is starting to sound like a full blown affair, aien’t it? But it isn’t, so don’t you get on that judgmental high-horse with me just yet, lady. We’re just friends, good friends, you know, and that’s the solemn truth, so help me God. Anyway, tell me again.. why am I rambling on and on and on and on like this?


Right, because I’m finding it hard to kill time whilst I wait for him to get his butt online..:)

Kamini October 19, 2010 at 2:04 am

I can completely understand why these women feel this way. But I honestly feel that nothing – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING – is worth the mess that will inevitably be present down the road. If I were ever to have an affair, the guy must be TOTALLY worth it – and, I know that NO guy will be worth it. Absolutely no one. I guess I’m really very lucky!

Vidya Sury October 21, 2010 at 2:04 pm

You are absolutely right, Kamini. The mess is just not worth it!

Vidya Sury October 21, 2010 at 2:05 pm

Gayatri – I liked the last line best. Makes for a cool story. No wonder I published it as a separate post. 😉


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