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Size matters, again.

by Vidya Sury November 26, 2010 0 comment

Holiday season, happy meals, the constant worry that by the end of the year, those extra calories will result in more of you to love – and eventually lead to the cliched New Year resolutions in January, which of course, will never be actually actioned. Such is life.

But hey – you can do something about it. Because, big portions make you fat.

That’s right.

An oversized meal leads to an oversized body. Therefore, take care when choosing the size of your meal portions. Research has shown that people tend to overeat by more than 40% when they are served larger portions of food.

Take action:

The portion of fish on your plate should be the size of a checkbook, the helping of vegetables should be the size of a tennis ball, the potato should be no bigger than a computer mouse and the fruit you have for dessert should be able to fit into a tea cup.

There! Tech/geek-friendly advice for all of us who spend a major part of our life staring at our screens. 🙂

Try it – it works!

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