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The best motivational videos of 2010

by Vidya Sury December 3, 2010 0 comment

One of the great challenges in selling is keeping motivated.  After a wonderfully fulfilling career in sales, marketing and training, even though I do not work in that field any more, I do enjoy all the newsletters and site updates I receive – because some of it applies to life in general – and we all live, and hopefully – learn! Also, I never know what my next writing project is going to be, so I am interested in just about any topic I see.

I was lucky to attend a lot of sales training programs during those two decades, and it was probably those that triggered an interest to get into training. Of course, thanks to Anita, a close friend, who was at the time, running a successful placement agency, I did progress from sales to training.

Just like I did, many top salespeople use motivational books and tapes to keep themselves in the right attitude for success. In fact, in those days, I used to actually practice exactly what we took away from our training programs, to be pleasantly surprised to find that the methods worked. I remember some of my colleagues shrugging them off, and writing them off – saying it was all junk.  But the fact is, the methods work. Really.
These days, happily, there’s access to some terrific  motivational videos that are  more effective because they communicate through both your eyes and your ears.

Here are six best motivational videos that were posted on the internet over the past year.  Enjoy! 

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