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Wish I was there.

by Vidya Sury January 13, 2011 0 comment
Photo courtesy Zen to fitness
What a beautiful picture! The moment I saw it over at Zen to fitness it made me wish I was there. I was reading the latest post about sitting less and moving more – and it resonated with the kind of posts I like to share. This is especially relevant in our current world where most of us spend our lives sitting more and moving less.
Exercise, however moderate, is a must-do activity if only to maintain health. Most health issues are caused by sheer inactivity these days. Ah, rewind to two decades ago when people seemed  more health-conscious. It is not enough to just “eat organic” unless we make an effort to burn it off and convert it into energy. We’ve got to move our butts, at least to get the circulation going.
Some of the extremely easy ways I get my exercise every day is by:
  • Taking the stairs (I live on the second floor – but I do this several times a day)
  • Walking
  • Stretching exercises
  • Maintaining a good posture while sitting

My work as a freelance writer involves a lot of sitting, but I make sure I get up and move around every hour – oh well, the door bell and my land line phone take care of the frequency with which I do this :-). No, I don’t have a cordless phone. I also keep my mobile phone a little far away so that I have to get up to go answer the phone.

How are you keeping yourself active?

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