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Job burnout – does it apply to you?

by Vidya Sury July 19, 2011 0 comment
Not to sound clichéd – but stress is behind that job burnout everyone goes through at some point or other. An interesting study in the BMC Psychiatry journal talks about the factors responsible for each type of burnout and also recommends “cures” for these.You can read the full details of the study, but here’s an extract of their results:
There are three main categories of job burnout:
Frenetic burnout
  • You keep working so hard you’re tired as hell and just a step away from being a workaholic.
  • The longer you work, the higher the risk of a burnout. 
  • You are crazy involved and a go-getter, and take on more and more. 
  • You are afraid you may not achieve your goals and driven by guilt.
The Cure: Get to the root cause of your mad ambition and guilt. Reduce your personal involvement in work to satisfy personal needs. 
Under-challenged burnout
  • You are bored, unmotivated and find work monotonous and unstimulating.
  •  More common in men than women particularly in the administration and service area.
  • You feel hopeless, indifferent and bored and stagnate in your job. 
  • You feel cynical, because you’re disinterested in your work. 
The Cure: Dig deeper to understand why you are stuck in a boring job. Find ways to motivate yourself in your work and seek personal development. 
Worn-out burnout
  • You’ve spent too many years in the same company and heading for a burnout
  • You give up when you are stressed or don’t feel gratified.
  • There is no appreciation for your work; you can’t control the results of your work and you end up neglecting your responsibilities.
  • You are listless, less productive and moving towards the point where everything is laced with guilt. 
  • There is a chance to overcome this kind of burnout,  if you have a college degree, a stable relationship and children.
The Cure: You need a social support group at work to feel motivated and get over your passive coping style. tackle your feelings of despair and find a way to get over them.
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