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Booking Bus Tickets Online – A Great Way To Save Time. And Money

by Vidya Sury October 10, 2014 1 comment
booking bus tickets online vidya sury

Recently, I discovered that booking bus tickets online can be more rewarding.

There used to be a time when, if we made travel plans, we had to actually set aside time to go to the ticket counter to book our tickets. We often traveled by bus as it was more convenient. Moreover traveling to the Southern interiors where we had a lot of relatives made more sense by bus.

Then there was the excitement of using travel agents for a fee. But now, thanks to the internet, waiting in line is a thing of the past. Technology rocks and oh, saves so much time. We can book just about everything – movie tickets, railway tickets, flight tickets and even bus tickets online. While we’ve booked flight tickets and railway tickets online, I haven’t booked bus tickets online. Just recently, a couple of months ago, I made my first movie ticket booking online, can you imagine!

When we had a lot of people visiting recently to attend death rites, we had to book bus tickets for some of them. We were pleased to find sites that specialize exclusively in bus ticket booking such as Abhibus.com and there are some that offer other facilities like hotel booking, flight booking and more so you can plan a complete vacation.

The best thing about booking bus tickets online is, there’s no need to go in search of a bus ticket provider. This is more relevant during the holiday season when ticketing outlets can get pretty crowded. Getting the shop keepers attention is next to impossible.

This happened to us when we went to book tickets for an urgent three-day trip some months ago. The man was so busy juggling customers that he hardly had time to present us with options about the kind of bus we wanted and tried to rush us into settling with the first bus that came up. And we couldn’t get the seats we wanted. My son is a tallish guy and he needs his leg space – we couldn’t imagine being squished into a cramped seat all night. Finally, when we managed to decide on a bus, we found that the shopkeeper wouldn’t take credit cards. And? We hadn’t carried sufficient cash! This meant stressing out over looking for the nearest ATM or going home and getting the money – all this for a bus ticket when we could have easily done the entire thing online!

booking bus tickets online vidya sury

While booking online, we can take our own sweet time without someone nagging us to hurry up. Also, payment options are flexible, making it so convenient. Besides, there are e-ticketing facilities, vehicle tracking, 24×7 customer support and much more. Sites like AbhiBus have over 1500 bus operators covering 15000 routes offering a wide selection from which you can easily pick the bus on which you want to travel.

The most important thing about booking tickets online is the freedom from stress. Once on the site, all we have to do is choose whether we want a one way or round trip ticket. Then enter your destination and the date of your travel, search for your bus, choose your preferred seats, make your payment and wait for your ticket to be confirmed. The system also allows you to print the ticket right away.

I was delighted to see some amazing travel deals while booking bus tickets online last week. The bonus is big discounts with zero bargaining and this is great considering the rising prices of bus tickets as the discounts make a huge difference especially if you are on a budget. Who isn’t?

There are sites like Couponraja.in that offer extra savings in addition to the regular discounts. In fact, this site has fantastic deals for every product you can imagine including bus tickets. They are currently offering good deals on ticket booking from Abhibus where you can redeem your Abhibus coupons for a 5% discount on bus tickets. And if you are looking to save more, then how about a flat 10% discount with your promo codes? These discounts shave a good chunk off the cost of your tickets.

I’ve found that the best way to get more out of your travel budget and save big is to go online – bringing down the cost of your bus tickets.

Do you book tickets online? What has your experience been?


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Hike on Bus July 19, 2021 at 12:52 pm

With rising in technology and Digitization of everything. Now we expect to book everything online. Bus Booking is also the same. It saves time and it’s easy.


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