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Lovely Memories of Hyderabad

by Vidya Sury February 25, 2015 3 comments
5 star hotels in hyderabad vidya sury

As we sail through the last week of February and are gearing up for exam-month in March, I can’t help feeling excited when I think of the vacation months afterwards. Okay, so this year will have fewer summer vacation days since my son will be busy with various entrance tests, nevertheless we will get the chance to get away for a few days.

Each time we discuss destination options, my folks love to tease me about wanting to go to Hyderabad. I have so many lovely memories that I consider it my spiritual hometown. I’ve grown up here, attending school and college and then worked here for several years. My closest friends live there. What’s not to love?

Any excuse I get, I enjoy making a trip there. And always the problem of too many people to see, too little time. Also, if I go stay with one friend, the other will freak out. So it takes a lot of planning and pacifying when I head out there.

I remember a couple of years back when I had to visit Hyderabad for an audit. Five of us were going as a team. I was so looking forward to the trip. As I browsed luxury hotels in Hyderabad – we had the budget – all those happy memories of working in the city came flooding back. I wondered if some of my colleagues were still in the same town. As I made our booking in The Golkonda, one of the 5 star hotels in Hyderabad, I decided to dig out my old address book and dial some numbers. Imagine my joy when I found that one of my friends now ran a travel agency and did bookings for upscale hotels in Hyderabad! After a rather marathon chat, we decided to meet up. When I got there, we gathered a couple more friends and had a fabulous evening together, visiting our old haunts.

Golkonda was everything we expected it to be – fab rooms and service. The breakfast was such a massive spread we never thought we’d get out to our first appointment of the day. It was a wonderful trip and our only regret was that the trip was so short.

I also fondly remember – when we lived in Hyderabad, a friend was visiting and staying at the Taj Banjara, another luxury hotel in Hyderabad. She suggested we went over and stayed in her room rather than at my place – and it was such fun. I remember being impressed at the range of beauty products lined up for the guests and the beautiful fruit basket they welcomed us with. So blase now after all these years, when I think about it!

Ah…unforgettable times!

So now – as I am mentally listing places for short trips, Hyderabad is in the top three. Might be fun to go visit as a tourist for a change. There is a belief that whoever goes and sits on a certain bench in the Makkah Masjid behind the Charminar is bound to visit the city again. I certainly don’t need that excuse – I consider it my home town!

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Angelo Limon February 26, 2015 at 6:40 pm

Good luck with your son his exams.

I have never been to India, but I have some friends that are from India – nice people.

Nice post to read,

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Shantala February 26, 2015 at 10:23 pm

Hi Vidya,

I can totally relate to this post. I am pretty much doing the same thing- making mental lists, and obsessing over how I will best spend my time- during my upcoming trip to India. I am not the best at balancing the visits to family and friends. I always feel I could have done more, spread the visits out more equally etc. Sigh.

This post mirrored my own excitement of heading home. It is almost 2 months away, but mentally I am already there 😀
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simple girl February 27, 2015 at 4:35 pm

some cities do hold a special place in our hearts… 🙂 .. Even I have many beautiful memories of hyderabad in my month long stay there…


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